Sudamina: natural remedies for sweat bubbles in children

With the summer also comes the sweat , the worry of many mothers struggling with small children who sweat a lot and whose skin vents with rashes and boils . This is not serious, but to quickly solve the problem and alleviate the annoyances of the little ones, it is good to know and keep at hand the most effective natural remedies for sweat bubbles .

With the heat, and perhaps thanks to the sand, clothes and disposable diapers, the little ones often suffer from what is known as sudamine, or a reaction of the skin to sweat that leads to the appearance of bubbles in one or more areas of the body. Generally the rash occurs in the places where you sweat most: armpits, neck, back and obviously in the diaper area .

Sometimes, due to this problem, real rashes are created which can however be kept at bay or better still avoided with some simple tricks or natural remedies. The first is certainly to avoid as much as possible disposable diapers that do not allow the skin to breathe and create exaggerated overheating in the genital area.

It is often mistakenly believed that washable diapers are heavier and warmer than classic disposable ones and therefore make you sweat more. In reality, an experiment carried out by has shown exactly the opposite. Some experts from the well-known American community dedicated to the life of mothers and children wanted to measure the temperature inside different types of diapers for a few consecutive days during the summer (with 30-35 ° outside) .

Curious to know the results? Do you know at what temperatures are the private parts of your children in traditional diapers and washable in summer? Take a look at this table:

Washable nappies

As you may have understood, it is definitely better to use as much as possible washable diapers that are more breathable , made with materials that do not irritate the private parts and, although apparently it does not seem, fresher. If possible, then also make sure to keep the babies for a while without having any kind of diaper.

Frequent baths

A lukewarm bath but also more than one during the day help keep the baby’s skin fresher by sending away the sweat that instead stagnating on the skin or on the clothes can give rise to annoying skin rashes.

Rice starch and Corn starch

Surely the best natural remedy for sweat is rice starch or corn starch . 1 or 2 tablespoons of these substances with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties can be added to the bath water.

Sodium bicarbonate

Another simple ingredient that we all have at home can help with sweat. This is bicarbonate which is also used for making baths with warm water .

Cotton clothes

Always but especially in summer, children should be dressed in cotton or in any case in light clothing that allows perspiration . It is also important not to overly cover babies or children to avoid sweating too much and make sure that the environments in which they are located are always well ventilated.

Marigold Mother Tincture

Marigold is also a suitable remedy for sweat. You can dilute 10-15 drops of mother tincture in half a glass of water and use the solution to dab the areas affected by the rash using a cotton swab.

We also remind you that hydration in summer is essential , make sure that children drink a lot. If the bubbles are suspicious (for example, they are full of water) or do not improve within a short time, it is always good to show them to the pediatrician to avoid the risk that it is actually an exanthematic disease.


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