Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs In The World?

A successful  entrepreneurs is always paying attention to everything that goes on in the market.He is always aware of the changes that are taking place and always tries to anticipate them.. A successful business entrepreneur knows how to identify people who can help them achieve success in their adventures or businesses.

Characteristics of a successful entrepreneurs

Anyone can develop the skills of successful entrepreneurs. But there are people who bring this differential in DNA.

Some learn at school, others from books. There is an entrepreneur who is born observing others.

The paths to reach the objects vary from one entrepreneur to another. But the success stories of great entrepreneurs always reveal some common characteristics:

  • Passion : they love what they do and make it clear to everyone.
  • Vision : they know where they want to go and how they will walk.
  • Attitude : they are not just dreaming about a project. They take action.
  • Courage : they take risks more than the average of the others, because they believe in the idea.
  • Focus : they do not divert attention to what they have planned.
  • Self-confidence : they trust their own potential and are not intimidated by what others think about them.
  • Anticipation : nothing to wait for success to fall by parachute. They make it happen.
  • Persistence : Did something go wrong? Withdrawal does not exist in their vocabulary.
  • Solution : they always find a way to get around problems, whether financial, technical or other.
  • Opportunity : favorable situations shine in the eyes of entrepreneurs and they do not miss the chance to take advantage of them in their favor.

10 successful entrepreneurs in the world

It is motivating to read about promising stories from people who have managed to reach the highest level of success.

Check out 10 examples of successful entrepreneurs in the world!

1. Steve Jobs

Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs In The World?

The American businessman, born in San Francisco, California, is the founder of the giant Apple. He created the iPhone, iPad and iPod, revolutionizing the personal computer, cell phone and animation industry. Much of Apple’s consistent history is due to Steve Jobs’ entrepreneurial profile. Thanks to the partnership with Steve Wozniak in 1976, the two young people took the first steps to enter a market dominated by giants like Atari and IBM.

Steve Jobs, who died on October 5, 2011, left us with valuable lessons that are inspiration for entrepreneurs from all sectors of the economy – examples for a successful career. Thinking with the customer’s head is perhaps one of the most important points in Steve Jobs’ career, who, when designing a product, always imagined how the user would benefit. Despite the various difficulties encountered, Jobs always surprised with an innovation.

2. Walt Disney

One of the greatest geniuses in the history of entrepreneurship, Walt Disney had a much coveted trait – the ability to let his imagination run wild. Profit was certainly very important, but the passion for what he did was the main motivation. Walt Disney believed that the best way to motivate people was to give them something to believe in and with that he left great lessons on persistence and determination.

3. Larry Page

Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs In The World?

Larry Page is an American businessman, founder of the technological giant Google. Passionate about computers since he was 6 years old, at 12 he knew he was going to start his own company. Despite the difficulties, he has always believed in his project that has become one of the most valuable brands in the world – all of its by-products, such as YouTube, Gmail and Android have also achieved surprising success.

Together with Sergey Brin he gained worldwide notoriety and made a fortune by revolutionizing the way of searching the internet. Google’s strategic growth was due to the entrepreneurial vision of its managers with strategic acquisitions of hardware and software companies.

4. Bill Gates

Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs In The World?

Born in Seattle, USA, Bill Gates became one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world by founding, at a very young age, Microsoft, which is one of the most important software companies on the planet. Thanks to his pioneering spirit and business vision, his fortune is now valued at approximately $ 50 million, however, this has never made him indifferent to social causes.

Bill Gates is a financier and sponsor of several actions in favor of human rights. You can follow both the work and the activism of Bill Gates on his  website  and  Twitter .

5. Mark Zuckerberg

Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs In The World?

The creator and founder of the most important social network today, Facebook, has professional success attributed to an essential factor: dedication. That was even told in the cinema and not for nothing reached the highest level of his career.

Persistent, he made work his life and made his company one of the best places to work and build a promising career. In his  profile , Mark talks about his work and what happens on the network, allowing the user to follow all the news that come up.

6. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is an American businessman, founder, president and CEO of Amazon, a major US e-commerce company. Like many successful entrepreneurs, he started from scratch by leaving a job at a famous company on Wall Street.

His career is based on vision and innovation, with long-term thinking and customer focus. As a result, the American businessman set out a promising path in entrepreneurship.

The Amazon founder said, “We are stubborn in vision, but we are flexible in details. If you are not stubborn, you will end up giving up on experiences too soon. And if you are not flexible you will end up hitting your head against the wall and you will not find a different solution to a problem ”.

7. Reed Hasting

Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs In The World?

Wilmot Reed Hastings is the founder and CEO of Netflix, a company that changed entertainment and one of the most accepted projects in the world. Together with Marc Randolph, partner and co-creator, the visionary entrepreneurs started in 1997 an innovative project that revolutionized the way of watching films.

With a strong base in   smart marketing – choosing a specific niche in the market (which makes it easier for consumers to choose the brand) and also in a participatory culture (which encourages employees to always think about continuous improvement) – the company continues on a path of success .

8. Elon Musk

Who Are Successful Entrepreneurs In The World?

Elon Reeve Musk is a visionary entrepreneur, founder of SpaceX, CEO of Tesla Motors and other successful companies. Considered one of the entrepreneurs with the greatest potential to change the world. The lessons for entrepreneurship are very useful, how to change the strategy and never the objective, always prepare to face problems, work hard even when you have already achieved success.

9.Daniel E.K

Daniel E.K

Daniel Ek is a Swedish entrepreneur, co-founder of the music streaming company Spotify. The 36-year-old businessman started his career early creating websites for clients and turned a teenager’s dream into a business that generates millions. An example of modern and efficient entrepreneurship, he was named the most influential person in the music industry by Billboard. A great example to follow and get inspired.

10. Jack Ma

Daniel E.K

Jack MA is a successful Chinese entrepreneur, founder and president of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. Despite the adversities, it created the largest e-commerce network in   the world. With a track record of achievements, the entrepreneur says that it takes dedication, time and effort to establish a successful business, in addition to planning, precautionary reasoning and love for what he does.

Much requested for lectures, the entrepreneur brings many important tips and guidelines for those who want to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. Experiences acquired in a solid career with a lot of dedication and planning.

Jorge Paulo Lemann

jorge paulo lemann

We could not finish our list of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world without mentioning a Brazilian.With an estimated fortune of U $ S 30 billion, Jorge Paulo Lemann is an entrepreneur you need to know.At 76, Lemann is the person in front of major brands like Burger King, AmBev and Heinz. But his entrepreneurial streak does not stop there.Today, Jorge Paulo Lemann also invests in technology companies, such as Snapchat, in addition to Movile, a company responsible for applications such as iFood and PlayKids.

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