What does a stress test consist of?

Our doctors must face endless symptoms and probabilities that can influence the correct diagnosis. To put the siege on pathology, these professionals use medical analysis and tests. One of them, ergometry, is one of the most used to measure cardiovascular resistance.

Also known as a stress test , the physician can detect with it possible cardiovascular abnormalities or disorders related to the flow of blood in the heart that are not detected when the patient is at rest or with a common electrocardiogram.

This test is also used when a person decides to undergo physical training or is going to start playing some demanding sport. And is that all sports medicine specialists recommend carrying out a stress test within a thorough prior medical examination before starting to exercise. With this stress test the preparer may create a given frequency, intensity, rest periods, nutrition, etc plan . A way of achieving achievements without putting the athlete’s health at risk.

Whether we are sports professionals or not, the stress test has its specifications and parts. In this way, whoever starts doing this test will follow these steps:

  • First, two electrocardiograms are performed at rest, one lying down and the other standing.
  • Then, when the stress test begins, the patient is connected to a monitor that allows the electrocardiogram parameters to be displayed in real time . A device will measure blood pressure at all times before, during, and after the test.
  • The patient then climbs onto a treadmill or exercise bike and begins to walk, jog, run, or pedal as directed by the specialist who supervises the activity.
  • Every three minutes the specialist gives instructions to increase the intensity. In this way, the patient’s heart must progressively make a greater effort to continue.
  • When the patient cannot take it anymore, the test is interrupted, notifying the specialist that he can no longer continue, or when 80% of the theoretical maximum heart rate has already been exceeded .
  • At this point, the recovery phase, which lasts around five minutes, is carried out, in which measurements of cardiovascular values ​​are also carried out.
  • If during the stress test there is a serious arrhythmia, a spike in blood pressure or an abnormal oscillation in the electrocardiogram, the machine detects it and the doctor will order the test to stop.


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