Streets of Rage 4 guide: how to unlock Roo as a playable character in Mr. X Nightmare DLC

26 years of waiting for a new Streets of Rage is nothing when the result is of the quality of Streets of Rage 4 . DotEmu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games perfectly understood the legacy of SEGA’s beat ’em up to the point of being a more rounded product if possible with the very cheap Mr. X Nightmare DLC .

For less than 8 euros we have a new Survival mode and three additional characters, apart from other types of extras, such as weapons, enemies, customization of the fighters … And something extremely special: Roo as a playable character .


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How to get Roo in Mr. X Nightmare

Yes, the kangaroo with boxing gloves that could be unlocked in Streets of Rage 3 returns in this latest installment and with an easier method to access it. We will only have to go to the History section in the start menu and hold this combination of buttons for three seconds (depending on the command):

  • Nintendo: Up + Y + Start
  • PlayStation: Up + Square + Start
  • Xbox: Up + X + Menu

And that’s it. Roo will appear as a playable character in Streets of Rage 4 .

Now, if we want to keep it without having to press those buttons again, we must complete at least one phase so that the record with our score is saved using Roo so that it is permanently unlocked.

And as you can see with his special you can invoke Bruce, his owner of the circus. In fact, if you summon him three times in a row (yes, with three Bruce on screen) you will get the achievement / trophy “Clown Wars” , which will give you 15G or a bronze.

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