What Is Street Harassment;Five Facts With Great Examples

Street Harassment is also called public harassment/catcalling of a girl. It is a form of abuse. A Man calls to a girl phrases like “hello beautiful!” “You are a lovely baby”. These phrases come with body gestures like kisses, whistles and unwanted comments. Almost every woman has been the victim of sexual harassment. These are abusive sings and inappropriate postures that cause embarrassment, humiliation and fear

Women are victims of sexual harassment on a daily basis, in the streets, in public transport, in schools, in universities, at work, at home within their own family.

What Is Street Harassment;Five Facts With Great Examples

How to Report Or Cope With Street Harassment

A woman, who has been sexually harassed, may file a police report at any police station (preferably a woman’s station).It is not necessary to hire a lawyer to make the complaint, although it is highly advisable.

Feminism is still at a very early stage of its path. Gender Equality acquires patience in societies. Everywhere on this planet, women are discriminated against and they are discriminated against because they are simply women! The feminist struggle must be done with the same urgency and intensity as before.

There are 15 forms of public harassment/Catcalling

  • Sexual intimidation (including threats or attempted rape)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Trafficking in humans for sexual purposes
  • Forced prostitution
  • Sexual slavery
  • Coercion of marriage
  • Coercion of pregnancy
  • Coercion of abortion
  • Coercion of contraception and sterilization
  • Sexual torture
  • Inhuman and sexual punishment
  • Practice traditions of sexual nuances that harm or discriminate against women
  • Sexual control, including through discriminatory rules, is grounded in morality and religion

In criminal law, regulates the crime of “sexual harassment and public sexual acts”. Accordingly;

Harassment by a sexual act; 

This includes sexual-related touches of the body parts (for example, touch the female breast or the hold between the legs – even over the clothing).

A violation of the dignity of a human by an intense touch of a body. This case also does not include areas of the body (buttocks, thighs, lips) that belong directly to the sexual sphere.

How To Tackle With Street Harassment

Sex education is very important for teachers as well as students. It teach that the two gender must respect each other. Sexual violence, both against women and men, is intolerable. The government must show concrete actions to prevent sexual violence from happening again.However, first of all, we women (as well as men) must start voting for everyone to realize that sexual harassment that has been happening cannot be considered normal (again). Women have the right to walk alone in public places without the risk of being seduced or raped.

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