Storytelling or how to speak in public effectively

How to capture the attention of your audience?

How to transmit values ​​and experiences to an audience you don’t know?

The art of storytelling is the key for an individual to come to share an emotional bond with a brand or project. A story is the most powerful tool for transmitting information. Storytelling workshops are not optional for managers and directors who really want to grow. Fortunately, this skill can be learned, thereby fostering self-confidence so that you can present your ideas to an audience and capture their attention.

Public speaking is one of the most important competencies for managers, which is why many organizations have implemented a variety of strategies to drive their development. It is more and more frequent that a presenter is challenged to adapt to unexpected situations: Change of interlocutors, modification of environment to expose, absence or sophistication of technological equipment, non-face-to-face audiences, use of the telephone or video conference. To overcome these challenges, managers and directors need to develop:

  • Techniques to improve your oral communication skills, as well as their impact and influence.
  • Knowledge, recommendations, content management and exercises to use the best idea structures to obtain the expected result.
  • Development of creativity and new ideas to adapt to unexpected situations.
  • New ideas to incorporate the greatest technological advances in a presentation.

It is important that the stories that we use in our presentations serve as support to explain the points covered in the most theoretical part, so that they allow a better understanding of it.

We invite you to carry out an experiential workshop for your managers and executives:

We achieve learning through dynamics, role plays, exercises, film projections, and analysis of short and deep theoretical models. The exchange of experiences among all attendees is promoted and a commitment is established with the participants to apply what they have learned and to make personal change.


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