How to improve your business English?

The importance of learning English at a business level is noteworthy as this skill has become necessary to increase the chances of finding work both abroad and in countries of origin. This branch of English, broadly speaking, is responsible for expanding your vocabulary and carrying out activities that directly apply to the field of business.

Some tips that Harvard Business suggests to improve this skill are the following:

Set specific goals: 

Just like for many aspects of our life, setting a deadline to reach a goal becomes vital to progress. In this specific case, it doesn’t do us much good to say that one goal is to make a presentation in English. In order to better account for our progress, it is convenient to say that we want to give a presentation in English about our business, whose duration is 5 minutes and the delivery date is February 12.

Create habits: 

As with physical exercise, studying a topic consistently will undoubtedly help us get faster results. It is recommended to study at least every day or every week, reading articles on the internet or rehearsing presentations for example.

Have confidence

This part is reflected when we think we are capable of overcoming difficult obstacles, no matter what type. If we can mentalize ourselves in this way, we will act with greater security when pursuing the objectives that we have set for ourselves. If it is too overwhelming, it will only be necessary to break each objective down into even smaller parts to make it more bearable. Although it takes longer, the important thing is to be able to comply with it without forgetting the first tip.

Enjoy learning: 

It is evident that a person with a greater interest in learning it will have a better attitude than a person who does not like the language. If the motivation is not found or is perceived as an obligation, be creative and look for what can change your perception. Search for classes in English about your favorite subjects, read your favorite book or watch your favorite movies in this language, etc.

Use native material: 

It is extremely useful to dive directly into the closest thing we have to the native world of English. Let’s look for TV shows or podcasts where people speak English like natives, this will bring us closer to the real experience and will surely be more attractive than just going to the grammar books.

Take classes with a good learning community: 

Having a class where there is a positive environment and where you feel the support to continue learning is a vital aspect that will help you feel more motivated to follow your goal. Talking to people in real time, and even interacting in social media groups with the same classmates and teachers, helps drive the learning process more self-taught.

Where can I study it? 

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