STOP procrastination: how to overcome it with a weekly work system

Taking the leap and becoming an entrepreneur is almost the most difficult thing when you decide to work for yourself.

Once that step has been taken, it is very common to feel like everything.

It is logical. You have started a new life and that generates a lot of emotions.

You want to change the world and contribute so much that you start thinking about thousands of tasks to do, without concentrating on any.

When you enter this circle of untargeted tasks, you risk ending up putting out fires nonstop.

And you go into a horrible loop.

Since you do not prioritize tasks, you do the ones that take the least effort because it is faster to get rid of them and you postpone the ones that take longer.

And … Ta-ta-tachán! Procrastination appears in your life .

This is when you start to get frustrated.

You feel like you do a lot of things, but you don’t get ahead in business; you don’t have time for anything and, even if you try, you don’t get to everything; you feel scattered because you are not focused on anything; and you lose all that energy that you had at the beginning of your new life as an entrepreneur.

But do not spread panic!

Everything has a solution and, believe it or not, you can overcome procrastination by designing a weekly work system  that I will tell you about in today’s post.

Keep reading and stop postponing tasks  from now on 😉

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  • Why use a working system and how to implement it to overcome procrastination
  • Set thematic days in your weekly work plan
  • Checklist to do your weekly review successfully
    • What tasks do you have to do
    • It is urgent? Important?
    • Evaluate failures and find solutions
  • Use the Time Blocking technique and beat procrastination
  • Control your Calendar, the fundamental key to be more productive

Why use a working system and how to implement it to overcome procrastination

Designing a weekly work system will help you overcome procrastination , in addition to pleasantly improving your quality of life.

When we do not have a work system and improvise our tasks every day, a series of problems are gradually generated that lead us to procrastination.

  • We scatter easily . As we do not have the focus on any specific task, we go from here to there solving the problems that arise at the moment.
  • Having 0 concentration in our work, will lead us to have a thousand tasks started and none completed . Therefore, we tend to have a feeling of frustration. We believe that, as much as we work, we do not advance and we do not reach everything.
  • All this mess creates a tremendous feeling of stress . If we do not focus on the most important tasks, a lot of them will be unfinished and time will not be as long as we need, we will end up stressed and exhausted.
  • With this panorama, it is not difficult for procrastination to  come to visit us and become our companion of fatigue. We already have so little energy that we cannot face the tasks that require the most effort and we leave and leave them until we have no choice but to face them.

You see. You end up in a loop that is difficult to get out of, but not impossible 😉

If you implement a weekly work system, you can  finally stop procrastination and take advantage of incalculable benefits:

  1. You will be more proactive with your time because you will know how to use it as you should.
  2. You will know how long it takes you to do your homework.
  3. You will focus on the tasks based on your goals.
  4. You will have, at first glance, all the organized work and you will reduce your stress because you will feel that you have everything under control.
  5. Your personal life and your professional life will be balanced.
  6. Multitasking will be terminated.
  7. Proscrastination will leave your life because you will not postpone tasks ever again.

Having a weekly work system will improve your FOCUS, your PRODUCTIVITY and ends the feeling of suffocation and stress that you had when everything was out of control @masymejorcom # Procrastination #TimeBlocking # Entrepreneurs …


But … How can you overcome procrastination and start installing your weekly work system?

Take note of these tips on how to beat procrastination  😉

Set thematic days in your weekly work plan

I don’t know if you know Jack Dorsey.

Dorsey is the founder of Twitter and Square and spent 8 months a day working for each company for several months.

You will think: “He does not give me life in 8 hours for my business, how did he do it to work so many hours and for two companies at the same time?”

Well, very simple. He established a weekly work plan with thematic days .

I leave you a video in which he himself explains how it is possible to work in this way.

Every day, he would focus on a specific work area and pull it off without being distracted by other tasks.

Establishing thematic days in your work system increases your mental performance because you are focused on the task of each day, without any more distractions.

This focus eliminates the sensation of stress and increases the feeling of well-being , because it erases in one stroke the brain cost that it causes, what we call the context change.

Or, what is the same, we do not waste so much energy in changing the chip from one task to another that has nothing to do with the first.

Taking your weekly work system for thematic days forward will  not mean more work.

Normally, these thematic days are planned only one day a week, generally Sunday, and they are reviewed to evaluate if we are fulfilling each task and align everything with our planning.

Checklist to do your weekly review successfully

We are going to continue learning how to overcome procrastination  with a simple checklist that I have prepared for you, in order to make an optimal weekly review.

You may wonder, how do I plan my week?

I advise you that on Sunday afternoon you sit in front of the computer or at the table with your notebook and review how the previous week went.

Be honest with yourself and see where you failed and what you can do to improve the following week.

Only in this way can you improve yourself and increase your productivity.

If, for example, you had to do a task in “x” time and it took twice as long, find a way to reduce that time.

What tasks do you have to do

The next step is to compile a list of all pending tasks.

This way you will not miss any and they will all be controlled.

It is urgent? Important?

After doing the previous step, rate each task and list its priority.

That priority will be marked depending on how you approach that task that you are evaluating to your objective.

Your list will have to be organized from highest to lowest priority.

Evaluate failures and find solutions

As I was saying, this is essential to improve and end procrastination once and for all.

Ask yourself questions and answer them honestly.

Think of this step as if it were a meeting with yourself. Imagine you have a boss in front of you to account for.

Be honest, discover your weaknesses and find a way to solve them.

The key is to take action the following week to prevent possible mistakes .

To stop procrastinating , you will have to face these errors and fix them.

The weekly review is a very effective method because it FORCES you to observe what you have not done so far and to make decisions to stop living by leaps and bounds @masymejorcom # Procrastination #TimeBlocking # Entrepreneurs …


Use the Time Blocking technique and beat procrastination

The Time Blocking technique  is to organize your work in blocks of time  and it will be essential for you if you want to be more productive.

With this technique you will stop being overwhelmed, you will end with the idea that you can not give up and the stress will disappear from your life forever.

What’s more, I assure you that you will think ” I have time for EVERYTHING “.

Blocking specific hours each day and for each task on your work calendar will give you a feeling of total control because, at a glance, you know what you have to do throughout the week.

With the TIME BLOCKING technique you will feel calm, you will have room for unforeseen events and greater mental control @masymejorcom # Procrastination #TimeBlocking #Entrepreneurs #ControllaTuCalendario


Control your Calendar, the fundamental key to be more productive

Yes, controlling your calendar is the fundamental key to being more productive , but not only that.

Being better in our businesses is essential when we start, but it is also important not to lose the feeling of freedom that we were looking for when working for ourselves.

Controlling your calendar will help you end the feeling that you have abandoned family and friends, that you are unable to get ahead with what you started with such enthusiasm and emotionally tired all the time.

If you have the need to stop procrastinating and be more productive by  controlling your work hours, Juanmi and I can help you  😉

As Tony Robins says:

If you talk about it it is a dream, if you visualize it it is possible and if you plan it it is real

By now, you have already talked about your dream a thousand times and made it possible after visualizing it. Make it real by planning your calendar, overcoming procrastination,  and being more productive.

How do you overcome procrastination? Do you control your calendar and use the Time Blocking technique?


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