Mega guide on how to take care of the environment as an entrepreneur

If there is a news that has marked all summer it has been the fight against plastics .

Newspapers, television commercials, and newsletters have touched on this topic many times this holiday.

I’m thinking that maybe all this has to do with data that is already starting to give chills:

  • National Geographic estimates that 5,700 tons of plastic are never recycled.
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF Spain) states that in 2030 the production of plastics is estimated to grow 40% more and that, currently, 90% of the world’s seabirds have pieces of plastic in their stomachs.

It is also possible that consciences are beginning to be stirred with speeches like that of Greta Thunberg who, at just 16 years old, gave a speech to the UN leaders that left them with their mouths open.

With an open mouth and things very clear.

You already know that in More and Better we have many mantras, but lately we are repeating a lot the one of “ there is no small action ”.

The care of the planet concerns us forever, but now we are focusing on making a conscious and sustainable consumption in all areas of our lives.

We are very aware that we create the world with our consumption choices and, therefore, today’s post is focused on giving you advice on how to take care of the environment as an entrepreneur .

There is much to do and we need more entrepreneurs creating sustainable businesses that help the planet.

Let’s go for it! 😉

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  • Is there global awareness related to environmental conservation? 
  • The reasons for climate change and global warming 
    • Most important causes of climate change and global warming
  • Tips on how to take care of the environment
    • # 1 Bring our own bags when shopping. 
    • # 2 Go more to the market than to the supermarket
    • # 3 Make yours the well-known 3 R’s: reduce, recycle and reuse. 
    • # 4 Change disposable products for reusable ones. 
    • # 5 Ecology in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. 
    • # 6 Use more public transportation or use electric vehicles. 
    • # 7 Eat less meat and, when you eat it, make it organic. 
  • Tips on how to take care of our planet as an entrepreneur
  • Recommended documentaries on environmental protection

Is there global awareness related to environmental conservation?

Although there are denialists who believe that climate change is just a story, there are more than justified reasons that show that all this is a reality.

The arguments of the people who believe that the recycling containers are useless, because they end up mixing all the garbage together, also fall under their own weight .

I wish it was all a science fiction story.

It comes to mind that, many years ago, the dangers of not taking care of the planet began to be warned .

The hole in the ozone layer was the first warning sign that warned us that we were not doing something right.

Since 1970, the authorities began to worry about the ozone layer because they saw a hole.

Damage to plants and animals and the possible increase in skin cancer, among other diseases, led to the adoption of the most successful international environmental agreement in history: the Montreal Protocol (1987).

From that moment on, the population began to be made aware of what they could do to reduce the hole and global awareness started .

Sprays composed of chlorofluorocarbon gases stopped being purchased; the use of halon fire extinguishers was abandoned; They began to check their air conditioners and to make responsible consumptions of these appliances and heating, etc.

With this, the industry had no choice but to adapt to these ” new times “.

From 1990 to 2000 ozone levels stabilized and it is expected that in 2075, if we all continue to shoulder, the hole will return to levels of the 80 ‘.

And all this why? Because the rulers got going and society got down to work to row the same way: to ensure that the ozone layer remains safe and sound .

Despite this great world triumph, the truth is that the environment is still in danger.

Sometimes it wouldn’t hurt to remind ourselves that we live on this planet. And we are hardly going to be able to live in another. If we put ourselves, we can! @masymejorcom #Tips #ClimaticChange #Entrepreneurs # SaveTheEarth…


The reasons for climate change and global warming

Unfortunately, I have to tell you that there are many points to talk about in this section.

I would love to write a line and finish this in 10 seconds.

Sadly, it won’t be like this.

I am sure you have heard of each and every one of these problems, the question is have you done something to solve them?

I am not going to be a catastrophe, I am just going to tell you objectively what the red dots are related to protecting the environment .

Let’s go little by little.

Most important causes of climate change and global warming

The global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide. And it is we, the human beings, who produce these emissions.

All these gases accumulate in the atmosphere and the earth heats up.

So it is up to us to make global warming go away.

I tell you quickly what are the reasons for global warming :

  • The use of a polluting transport.

It is true that governments are already working to make public transport more sustainable, but there is still much to do.

According to Intermón OXFAN, “40% of emissions in Spain come from cars, trucks, vans, buses, watercraft and aircrafts.”

  • Buildings should be better enabled.

Also Intermón OXFAN assures that “36% of the gases emitted in Europe are due to buildings that need energy rehabilitation”.

Come on, the houses are not well insulated so more energy is consumed and, in the end, it is the whiting that bites its tail.

  • You will be thinking of industries as high pollutants.

Yes they are. Within the industry, chemistry, oil, metallurgy, among others, generate very toxic waste that also causes global warming .

  • Humans, again in focus.

And we return to the topic of plastic.

We are capable of generating more than a kilo and a half of garbage in one day!

More than half of this garbage is plastic.

Once again, it is in our hands to end this burden.

  • Overexploitation of agricultural and livestock resources.

This overexploitation is related to the current food system.

Several NGOs have already called for us to carry out a sustainable food system .

  • Wasting energy like there’s no tomorrow

We turn on the switches in our house as if nothing happened.

Wasting energy in this way also generates a considerable amount of CO2 that is harmful to the planet.

  • Deforestation.

Already at school we were taught that trees regenerate our air.

They are in charge of transforming CO2 into oxygen. So its function is essential for the gases that heat the planet to be reduced.

It is essential to take care of our forests and reforest those that have been devastated or burned.

All this without counting on the pollution of the land and the seas; with the use of pesticides; chemical products; and the shortage of water.

Tips on how to take care of the environment

As I said before, I do not pretend to be a catastrophe, but I do contribute my grain of sand and, if I can stir any awareness and start working in the same direction all together, the better.

If you are one of those who think that, after seeing how the panorama is, you cannot do anything, I say yes.

If you think that politicians don’t get much and that, therefore, you will get even less; I tell you that you have a lot to contribute.

These are some of the actions to take care of the environment that are in your hands and in everyone’s:

# 1 Bring our own bags when shopping. 

I sincerely believe that we are becoming increasingly aware of the enormous problem that exists in the seas with so much consumption of plastics , but if you are still not convinced, watch this video!

There are organic bags that allow you to weigh the fruit and vegetables and stop buying or using the plastic bags that you are used to.

Furthermore, they are transparent. So in no supermarket they can give you any criticism for using them because, when weighing what you buy, you can see perfectly what is inside.

Normally, they are sold in a pack of different sizes: large, medium and small.

There are a lot of brands. We recommend these from Ecowaare . They are the ones that we use and we are delighted 🙂

# 2 Go more to the market than to the supermarket

You will wonder why the market and not the supermarket.

The first reason is related, once again, to the issue of plastics. In the supermarket there are too many bags, plastic trays, packages of the same material, etc.

If we are going to reduce the consumption of plastics, going to the market is more ecological .

The second reason is because in the supermarket there is more processed food than in the market. In this case, not only will the environment thank you, so will your health.

# 3 Make yours the well-known 3 R’s: reduce, recycle and reuse. 

People who don’t want to get involved in this always have an excuse for not applying the 3 R’s rule of protecting the environment .

They can use the excuse I was telling you about before “recycling is a scam because everything ends up in the same place” or “I don’t have space in the kitchen to put three garbage cans.”

And this is like everything: if you want, you can .

It has been shown that, since recycling entered our consciences, we have done nothing but favor the planet.

And I do not say it, they also tell you in this video. It is very short and offers you important information about the 3 R’s.

I am sure that when you start recycling, you will realize the volume of unnecessary waste you produce and the amount of plastic you consume. Recycle as much as you can! Mas @ masymejorcom #Consejos # CambioClimático…


For example, with clothes or shoes, use the second hand or donate to someone who needs it.

Convert pants into skirts, long pants into shorts, etc.

If you do not buy the bags that I mentioned before, reuse as much as you can the plastic bags you have. Don’t buy more bags if you already have a drawer full of them in the kitchen.

# 4 Change disposable products for reusable ones. 

There is a whole movement related to sustainable menstruation . We are well aware of what compresses and tampons contaminate.

A good option is the use of the menstrual cup, cloth compresses or menstrual panties .

If you need an example, a good brand of menstrual panties is COCORO , which are being a revolution.

For menstrual cups, I recommend Lunette’s , it also has very positive opinions.

For baby diapers, Pingo is a good option. They are ecological and disposable diapers.

# 5 Ecology in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. 

In each room of the house we can put our grain of sand.

In the kitchen, we can use kitchen papers without plastic .

In the bathroom, we can use homemade soaps, solid shampoos or ecological makeup remover discs .

And, in the bedroom, we can try to be more minimalist .

# 6 Use more public transportation or use electric vehicles. 

This point I think we have more marked in mind.

The issue of pollution is currently quite worrying.

In fact, there are already several Spanish cities that have had to restrict the use of the car to the center because the marked contamination limits had been exceeded .

The measure is very drastic, but with it it has been possible to reduce pollution levels significantly.

# 7 Eat less meat and, when you eat it, make it organic. 

Keep in mind that mass farming not only produces a large amount of CO2, it also has a treatment for animals that leaves much to be desired.

In addition, livestock uses a large area of ​​the planet so that animals have spaces to graze. As we consume more meat, more animals are raised and a larger area is needed.

This is leading to clearing forests to create those necessary pastures. The forests disappear and we return to the loop.

Finally, due to raising more animals for human consumption, the biodiversity of the earth is also negatively affected.

Why? Because a part of these animals is occupying what was previously the natural habitat of wild species.

Eating less meat would solve these problems and eating organic will not only favor the environment but also the animals because the treatment towards them is better.

If you are interested in going deeper into all this recycling and leaving aside the consumption of plastics, we recommend that you read “ Zero waste at home: Domestic guide to simplify our lives ” by Bea Johnson.

These are the simplest and most practical tips to take care of the environment that you can incorporate into your day-to-day life now.

If they have not seemed enough and you want to know more, I leave you this video in which they tell you clearly everything that is in your hand to avoid climate change .

Tips on how to take care of our planet as an entrepreneur

As I said at the beginning of the post, we need more entrepreneurs who create sustainable businesses .
Do you think you can do little to take care of the planet ? I am convinced that it is in your hands to do many good things for the environment .

We at Más y Mejor have not printed documents for a long time. We do everything via email, Google Drive and WhatsApp.

For example, in the organization of the II More and Better Event we are incorporating totally ecological materials into the “welcome kit” and the food and the coffee break are totally bio and healthy .

In our diet we also apply the same and we make the 3 R’s our own.

Come on, we reduce the consumption of plastics, reuse everything we can and always recycle.

We are increasingly advocating building sustainable businesses because every action counts and there is still time to stop climate change .

This is all you can do in your business to get your shoulders close:

  • First, use the greenest form of transportation you can to get to work.
  • Recycle it ALL . Put different garbage cans so that you and your team can recycle.
  • Use ceramic cups or glass cups and set aside plastic cups.
  • Send more emails, more whatsaaps and more text messages. This way you will use less paper and less printer ink.
  • Save as much energy as you can . Do not leave the computer on, leave it in suspend mode when you do not use it; do not leave the lights of the rooms that are not being used on; isolate the office and monitor water leaks so as not to waste it, etc.
  • If you can surround yourself with plants, much better . They give good vibes and reduce air pollution.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to start taking care of what surrounds us.

Remember that “it is not the richest who has the most but the one who needs the least” To save the environment, we must use what we really need. The rest let’s leave it to the ground @masymejorcom #Consejos # CambioClimático…


Recommended documentaries on environmental protection

In closing, I would like to recommend some documentaries that will help you expand information on caring for the planet .

They are very interesting and I think they should put them on TV during prime time 😛

  • Climate change in Spain: responses to a National Geographic challenge .
  • What will our planet be like in the future of the BBC.
  • Before it is late (Before the flood), in which the protagonist is Leonardo DiCaprio from National Geographic.
  • Oceans, the mystery of Vincent Perazio’s missing plastic .

Let’s take care of our planet !

In Más y Mejor we will continue in this line and we would love for you to join this movement of awareness and care for the environment because, as Greta Thunberg says …

“You are never so young not to make a difference. If only a few children can get headlines around the world just for not going to school. Imagine what we could all do together if we really wanted to. ”

There is no small action .

Between standing and acting, I prefer to act.

We still have time to live on a healthy planet and leave it that way for those who come behind.

What do you prefer? Stand still or move around the planet?


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