How To Stop losing your best employees

Talented people are nowhere to be found. Managers who have high-capacity employees within a team undoubtedly need to have the ability to read and understand how not to lose highly skilled people .

Some larger companies have built talent retention programs to prevent employees with advanced profiles from leaving companies for the most silly possible reasons that can be beaten by management.

If a company is not concerned with the loss of talent, it does not realize that it does not just let people leave, but they also end up losing specific intelligences, very characteristic skills, special expertise and even impact the results they could achieve.

Not to mention that there can be trauma in teams that lose strategic people, disrupting flow that were completely aligned.

Loyalty to good employees is also to prevent a certain engagement from being lost , and therefore motivation is present without having a negative impact on the fundamental structures of a team. But, how to prepare for this?

Start from the selection process

It is clear that identifying those factors that motivate people and how they perceive themselves to be valued at the beginning of hiring is a good preventive measure in order to foresee a possible problem in this regard.

Selecting and hiring talented professionals requires creating an environment of satisfaction that can avoid mismatches of interest and loss of alignment on purpose. Growing with a company is the greatest value that a company can develop as a culture.

Human resources need to adapt to essentially identify how each one perceives the idea of ​​success, appreciation and the prospect of growth. In other words, it needs to be consistent with the current reality and create a harmony with what a person expects from management.

Always strengthen the culture

The positions and functions within a company may even be replaced, but the human element is also part of a healthy culture. People who have elements that aggregate others as a characteristic, natural leaders of influence or spokespersons for message are people of high value for a company.

One does not evaluate someone just for their technical capacity to develop an activity, but one must consider the elements that a professional has to build something beyond the evident work.

There are talents that are more than fundamental skills of the job . And it governs teams to a mindset that may even pay off faster.

The company’s culture depends on the people of the company. And even if someone seems replaceable with their tasks, it may not be as a structural, emotional and personal part of a team. The role of a manager is to value essential people who are also key players in strengthening relationships between everyone.

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Never fail to encourage towards empowerment

New cultures always fear that they are directly impacted. Whenever a method, a technology, a new approach is adopted, we usually have a culture of fear that is natural.

Nobody likes the new guy right away. This is because adaptations can seem like an overly complicated process. Even exceptional employees are subject to resistance and ignorance. To alleviate this situation, it is necessary to bring security with information and education.

High-performance people are always looking for personal growth above all and also for new professional information. In this sense, offer training, lectures, workshops, hackathon and events, as long as it is really a training task and not a corporate obligation.

Retaining talents is turning on the news radar and giving them the chance to feel more empowered. Perhaps one of the values ​​that high-quality people value is precisely the idea of ​​having the chance to further improve their knowledge and acquire a baggage that enables them to be above average. It is a mutual gain.

The environment that makes sense to him

Do not underestimate the workplace. Many of the managers end up not worrying about the favorable work environment. And this is not just about the office, but about the climate and the energy of the place.

The impact that the work environment has on us can be an invitation to disconnect, but it has the same strength to retain talent. If the place where he spends most of the day doesn’t provide him with elements that he believes he can find elsewhere, it certainly pushes him to an idea that he doesn’t need to be there.

This also works for companies that do not worry about modernizing and end up parking their innovation. No employee who participates in a work environment that does not advance, does not inspire him / her to the new and mainly is not focused on comfort, organization and safety.

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