How to stop being a loser? Change your attitude NOW

Do you think you are a loser? Do you feel bad because things don’t go as you expect? Don’t you want to feel like this anymore? Quiet … I have the answer to your main question (this is likely to be) How to stop being a loser?

This time, I want to give you a series of recommendations that respond very well to how to stop being a loser, or at least not continue to think that you are.

Particularly, I think it is not so. Moreover, I am surely not so.


Because the vast majority of entrepreneurs are successful people, characterized by countless positive attributes. Especially for being:

  • Persevering
  • Passionate
  • Creative

Therefore, the main proposal I offer is to change your attitude at once … NOW.

So keep reading!

In this article you will find the answers to many of your questions and very easy to apply tips to stop being a loser:

  • Recommendations to assume another attitude.
  • Tips to change the word Loser for the one of Successful.
  • Tips to stop being a loser.
  • Change must be your priority decision.

Let’s start … Pay close attention. The change in attitude starts from NOW.

Why do you think you are a loser?

Some people, surely like you, think they are losers and behave as such, regardless of the consequences that attitude may bring in the future. They are always on the defensive.

They are assuming a negative, insecure behavior, which gradually isolates them from family, friends and the reality that is before their eyes. They do not know what they want. And what they are going to lose is the compass of their life.

The previous question can have innumerable answers. Each one will depend on the person defined as the loser. But, according to many specialists, the answers relate to past situations.

Vivid circumstances that, perhaps, were conflicting and did not know how to overcome them, regardless of anything. They could even be linked to a series of events that they lived in their first years of life such as:

  • Not having confidence or self-confidence.
  • Lack of love and family communication.
  • Past failures that are still living.
  • Blame others for your disappointments.
  • Lack objectives and goals.
  • Addictions and crises.
  • Compare others with anger.
  • Do not talk or treat others.
  • A total and personal abandonment on a physical and social level.
  • Many more…

Defeats and failures influence remarkably

When the person lives all kinds of defeats and failures, he feels bad and there is nothing that motivates them to start again, to forget, or to take control of their life with new vigor and optimism.

He doesn’t take those mistakes as life lessons, but as punishments for being a loser. And they begin to live in a circle of pessimism, darkness and sadness. A negative signal

They forget that life is full of good and bad experiences, which teach each human being to overcome obstacles and try to crystallize dreams and desires, despite adversities. All they think about is their misery.


It is important that you “tattoo” in the mind that when you fail, you cannot concentrate on that error, without important anything else. And much less, to take control of your life.

On the contrary, it “fights” against failures, failures, mistakes, defeats. Do not see them as negative situations. NO, they are situations that you can analyze, so you don’t fall back into them.

They allow you to mature, move forward, make the right decisions. Take advantage and enjoy the beauty of life.

Say Goodbye to Failure

When you get sad and lock yourself up, because something did not go as expected, try again, since with the experience gained from the first time, you will not fall into the same mistakes. Doing it once is not enough. You must learn constancy.

Assume another attitude. You must be positive. Life offers you a number of possibilities to do what you want and achieve each of your goals.

DON’T BLOCK, DON’T SELF YOURSELF. Don’t look for loneliness as an ally.

What you have to do is discover what you really want. Change the attitude, be positive, optimistic and start designing the plans, projects, dreams and goals, which will really make you happy.

From the hard to the easy

It is likely that at this time you are thinking that what I propose is not easy. But things are and will be as you want them to be.

Remember that you are an entrepreneur and as such, there can be no dark or pessimistic thoughts in your mind.

An entrepreneur is positive, persevering, creative, passionate, believes in himself, thinks that he can achieve everything with perseverance and dedication.

And I bet you make it. That he obtains success in each of his ventures.

Why deny yourself that possibility? YOU CAN. YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR.

Therefore, from NOW you must internally shout that you can change your attitude … A Positive, Optimistic, Cheerful, Successful, Correct attitude.

Every moment, every day, you must think, tell you that the CHANGE OF ATTITUDE is NOW. Open yourself to this new lifestyle that is much better than what you were living. Stop being a victim of yourself. YOU CAN.

Tips to change the word Loser to Successful

If you follow my recommendations, you are starting an important step … Leave behind pessimism and negative thoughts.

NOW you must open yourself to the change of attitude. From now on, being a loser is part of the past, it is a forgotten thing. Thoughts and behaviors left behind. Forgotten and buried. A total elimination.

You should start the main phase, which might seem ultra complicated, but it is crucial.

Do not be afraid, do it, because the results will be highly beneficial for you and those around you.

Little by little you will be the Winner you deserve to be

Start the transition from Loser to WINNER without fear of being.

Of course, you should consider yourself a true Triumph. The time has come to lift our spirits, look forward and begin to fight like a Victor. To gain confidence in yourself.

Remember that the process is not easy. Therefore, what you need is DETERMINATION, WISHES, CONSTANCE and OPTIMISM. All up to you.

Without that, you will not achieve anything. Go ahead, you can … In you lives a WINNER.

And don’t forget, when you relapse, you feel fear or think you can’t; Read this article many times. Many, I want you to always have the necessary strength to be the Successful One in you.

No loser … That must be left behind.

Even if you think you are a loser, because you see other great things before you, IT’S NOT THAT. Rest assured and you are a person who can achieve success, even make success chase you.

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How to stop being a loser? Change your attitude NOW

The phrase that states that “The outer is the manifestation of the inner” is really true. And that is why we must avoid pessimism, sadness, resentment, hatred and other feelings that make you sick.

Therefore, if you really believe that in everything you lose, that in everything you fail, it is because inside you are believing it.

ATTENTION … Each of these tips is important and will help you change that thought, which is mortally negative.

1.- Change the loser mentality. Fight against any opposite feeling

Definitely, as experts say: “Change is a decision.” Only in you is the decision to change from Loser to Successful.

Analyzing the situation … There are two ways in which the life of a loser is gestated … One is acting in the mind and the other in feelings. Consequently, the following usually occurs:

  • You think that you are the best and that there is no one like you.
  • Pride and pride are born.
  • But that pride leads you to failure (Through many ways and actions)

The cycle is repeated and the following occurs:

  • From past experience, you think you are a loser.
  • You are filled with feelings of sadness, insecurity, pessimism.
  • You lose confidence in yourself.
  • And in the case that you are encouraged to undertake again, you fail again because of this insecurity.

And so the cycle continues.

In some cases, it is not necessary to take the first steps, since the person starts thinking that he is losing. Grow up thinking about it day by day. It is a difficult personal relationship.

But regardless of any type of situation you may experience, the truth is that the mind and feelings influence you to live from failure to failure.

If this is your case, the first thing is to start telling yourself, constantly that:





I reiterate that you must do it every day, several times, at every moment. The idea is to change your thinking and what you feel.

2.- Identify what makes you a loser

The problem may not be in the mind.

But indifferently, we must detect what has made you live a loser life, beyond what you think or feel. I mean attitudes, personality, actions, among others.

You may have had failures in your studies, business, emotional relationships, communications, desires, dreams. And it may be because:

You have vices, you don’t know how to manage money, nobody supports you because of your character, you have been disappointed, you have made serious mistakes, etc.

So, the answer, in this case, to How to stop being a loser? It is to accept your mistakes and start working to minimize them, eliminate them, improve them.

Now, if you don’t detect errors in yourself, ask someone you trust to identify them and detail them.

A close person, known, appreciated, who is sincere in his appraisals and with no intention of bothering you. Before his comments, he promises not to bother you and take into account what he says. You must be able to accept anything.

3.- Forget the past Do not stagnate!

It is normal to hear that you must forget the defeats of the past. Otherwise, you will continue to be a loser, because of all the insecurity we already talked about. However, it is not only forgetting the past for the bad, but because negative, toxic, inconvenient thoughts may appear.

It is very common and unfortunate to see entrepreneurs who achieve many sales in their business during the first months. And then, for that triumph, they don’t keep trying and conform. It is possible that at that moment the failure comes.

So if you are one of these people, you must leave the past behind and focus on what you have And dedicate your energy to what you want to achieve!

4.- Strive more than you should

A very common feature of the losers is that they don’t try harder than normal, they don’t run another mile. And let me tell you something, what people say is normal to work in one day, it is really normal for an employee, but not for an entrepreneur.

Therefore, if you start and work as an employee, the probability of failure is high. You have to start working harder and you will get more favorable results.

5.- Get advice

It is advisable, if you wish, to seek support from a specialist, to help you face your fears, insecurities, in short, this problem. The goal is to feel good.

There is always someone competent who will support you to get out of that situation with strength. Find the best, to whom you provide confidence. Surely the results will be effective.

Change must be your priority decision

Have you made the decision to stop being a loser?

Are you going to strive to become a winner?

Very well … And for you to keep firm your decision to start undertaking and crystallize your dreams and projects, I leave you these final recommendations:

  • Stop thinking that the next day is the ideal to begin to undertake successfully. That tomorrow must be you today. You must start now!
  • Do not expect resources to undertake. If you do not have to finance any project, take the time to plan, devise strategies, seek advice and opinions. But start now!
  • From now on, don’t ask yourself how to stop being a loser and get out of the problem. Start looking for the ideal way to become a successful person. It is an extraordinary reason.
  • Then, erase the word LOSER from your memory, from your life. And the word TRIUMPHER appears and remains.


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