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The internet has come to revolutionize the way of working. And the affiliate profession is gaining more and more people. The dissemination of this new medium as a facilitator makes people increasingly confident to carry out financial transactions online.

In this new universe, there is a form of digital entrepreneurship that unites infoproducts , advertisers, content producers and consumers: the affiliate program. For those who do not know, this way of doing business uses technology and innovation as the basis of their business and thus profits from more flexible and simple working conditions.

The affiliate program has gained a lot of popularity in recent years and can be the gateway for anyone who wants to work from home and make money from the Internet.

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  • What is an affiliate program?
  • Affiliate program: benefits for both sides 
  • How to become an affiliate? 
  • Example of affiliate programs 
    • AdSense
    • Netshoes
    • Bet 365
    • Uol Affiliates
    • Amazon
    • HeroSpark

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a classic marketing strategy and it started well before the Internet. What has changed is that digital media have leveraged this form of selling, which basically works by uniting content creators with sellers (or producers).

Registration can take place on a website that aggregates various types of affiliate programs or on the website of the brands themselves. There, interested parties sign up to publicize the products through their own websites, blogs or social networks.

Each part of this program has a defined role. The brand wants to market its products in other media besides the website itself and online and offline ads, increasing sales and reach within the Internet.

And there is no rule about what can or cannot be sold in the universe of affiliate programs. There are from infoproducts (ebooks and video classes), consultants and even “giants” of e-commerce, such as Amazon and Submarino.

The role of the affiliate is to use your platform to advertise and sell products. This can happen through reviews or banners on your website / blog. If he manages to make a sale, he earns a commission on the product. The registration of the purchase is made through a special link, and each affiliate has a sequence inside the virtual address so that stores can track where the sale came from.

Affiliate program: benefits for both sides

When we think of big stores, at first it may not make sense why they participate in a program like this. Amazon, for example, is one of the biggest sites in the world and by itself it can reach many people. The question then remains: why does she have her own affiliate program?

The answer is quite simple: practically free advertising if you reflect on how much that brand will get back. An affiliate program is nothing more than, from the point of view of the brand, having a range of ambassadors – people who will voluntarily advertise your brand.

This is especially true for those with niche businesses, who tend to have a harder time reaching their target audience. The more people selling your products, the greater the chances of that brand being known. Digital influencers already speak to the target that companies need to reach to profit, so why not make this partnership?

From the point of view of affiliates, signing up for the program has only positive aspects. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes. From there, the person can already insert the codes in banners or links to direct the public to the product itself, being able to earn commission from the first day.

How to become an affiliate?

With the growing popularity of Affiliate Programs, today the market supports different types of programs. When choosing which one to participate in, do a research on which ones have more to do with your personality and, mainly, with the type of audience you talk to.

This is even a very common mistake for anyone who wants to be an affiliate. In the search for the dream of working from home and making money on the Internet, many fill their websites or blogs with varied ads in the hope that visitors will buy. But it’s not quite that way: anyone who wants to create content and live off it needs to understand what connection is all about. 

That is, for the business to succeed, the products advertised need to talk to the subject of that platform. It doesn’t make sense for a website that specializes in classic motorcycles to link sewing kit advertising, for example. So, before you start the process of becoming an affiliate, study your audience well to know what matters to them.

With that in mind, we can move on to the next step. In general, affiliate programs register interested parties free of charge as long as a valid e-mail and an official photo document are presented. You must be at least 18 years old and register on the platform chosen for affiliates.

Although we have focused on people who already have some type of channel (blog, website or social networks), this is not a decisive factor to be an affiliate. You can use messaging apps or word of mouth to advertise products. However, the most recommended is that advertisements are made on a content platform. That way, you transmit more credibility and can use this channel to better present the products.

Example of affiliate programs

Now that we understand the concept of affiliates, let’s see how it works in practice?

Below are some examples of well-known companies that are adept at this system.


AdSense is Google’s official ad platform and is one of the most sought after by anyone looking to earn money through an affiliate program. It doesn’t work for sale, it works for click, so every time someone clicks on a Google banner on your site, you earn a commission.

Ads are reviewed to ensure that they are of high quality and relevant to the target audience. The content producer can block the ads, customize where the ads are displayed and choose the most suitable types for the website.


This affiliate program is recommended for everyone, but especially for those who have a program focused on sports and healthy living. For every sale made through your website, you earn commission according to your sales range – the commission can reach up to 16%, a very high rate compared to other programs.

Like Amazon (we’ll talk about it later), Netshoes is a brand that, by itself, already attracts people. Today it is the largest store in the sporting goods segment in the world and is well known by consumers. This confidence makes it easier for customers to buy.

Bet 365

Well known abroad and with a significant entry into Brazil, Bet 365 is an online betting platform. In this case, the affiliate program does not work for sales, but for valid registrations made.

In other words: the more people you attract to register on the platform, the more money you will earn.

Uol Affiliates

There are already more than 150 thousand registered people who earn through clicks, leads or sales made. UOL Afiliados provides an extract and allows the creation of customized reports for each need.

The fixed date payment attracts many creators, who can advertise through banners, links, email marketing and XML. Within the site the interested party can learn more about the campaigns and how the gain works on each one of them.


One of the most beloved among affiliates. It is free and the content producer can choose from the thousands of products offered by the platform. Commissions can reach up to 10% over the advertised item value.

The main advantage of signing up for Amazon’s affiliate program is the weight the brand brings. This gives reliability to the consumer, which can boost sales.


The HeroSpark is the leading solution for digital entrepreneurship in Latin America, with operations in more than 20 countries. With a focus on offering online courses, the company has one of the best affiliate programs on the market, as it values ​​the high quality of its online courses offered in its portfolio.

At HeroSpark, you can be both a producer, that is, produce your own online course and / or affiliate, where you can sell courses from the company’s own producers.

Now that you know what an affiliate program is and how to join one, it’s time to put our tips into action.

Whoever wants to be a digital entrepreneur finds in this medium an excellent opportunity to test the public’s adhesion and see if it is a viable business to be maintained.

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