Sales funnel: understand the concept and how to apply it

Do you know what the sales funnel is ? The method, which consists of a set of steps, helps to win and convert visitors into loyal customers. Therefore, from time to time, this has become one of the most powerful weapons for companies that wish to improve their performance in the market to act effectively in the customer’s purchase decision.

Whether for the sale of products or services, there is no doubt that knowing and applying the concept of the sales funnel can represent a great leverage for your brand. Still, it is possible that you already use some of the strategies, even without really knowing how they work.

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Now, by reading this article, you will have a better command of the subject and will be able to effectively use all the facilities guaranteed by the sales funnel. Check out how:

What will you read in this article?

  • What is the sales funnel?
  • Hopper top
  • Funnel medium
  • Funnel background
  • Sales funnel: converting visitors into customers
  • Ready to make your sales funnel?

What is the sales funnel?

First, it is essential to understand what this method is. Therefore, the sales funnel is a strategic action that reveals the customer’s journey. This concept gives the company the domain and knowledge of the relationship with this consumer from the first contact with the company until the closing of the deal. The goal is to offer support throughout the consumer’s shopping journey.

As the name suggests, the sales funnel is represented in a funnel shape – or inverted triangle. Thus, it is divided into a few stages, the first being broader and the last smaller. The larger part is known as the funnel top. Then, move to the middle of the funnel and, finally, to the bottom of the funnel. We’ll explain how each of these targets works:

Hopper top

This step consists of the brand’s first relationship with the visitor. It is during this phase that the future customer discovers that he has a need, a problem to be solved or finds an attractive new opportunity. In other words, it is time to inform and educate the visitor. How to do this? Offering relevant materials, with subjects that are related to the public’s interest – and that solve the doubts they have.

Here, an important tip to be followed is to produce rich materials – like e-books and infographics. You can make these contents available for download by filling out a simple form. This way, you get in touch with your prospect and know other important information about them. Name, email and profession may be required on this form, for example – think about what information is relevant to your company.

In doing so, the visitor shows that there is a first interest in what is being offered by your company. This makes it easier for the visitor to advance through the sales funnel. Then, it is possible to move on to the next phase.

Funnel medium

Now that you’ve piqued your lead’s interest, he’s already knowledgeable about it. In other words: it recognizes that it has something to be solved – a problem or an opportunity, as mentioned above. So, you are looking to resolve this issue.

The funnel medium is the stage where the visitor has become a lead. Now, it is up to the company to select qualified leads. Therefore, it is important to analyze whether he has the ideal customer profile for your company and is willing to invest in your product or service.

At this stage of the sales funnel, the company’s goal is to create a sense of urgency so that the lead effectively wants to resolve what bothers them. It is clear that it is necessary to respect the research time of this prospect, however, it is essential to assist and offer support to streamline the process.

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The company must understand that in the middle of the funnel the goal is to build trust with the lead. Help you by offering important tips and techniques. Mature and qualify leads instead of trying to sell a solution in a “forced” way. Here, show, in a subtle way, that your solution is the best, but in a more generic way, without turning your attention to your company – the focus should be on how it will help the potential customer. This way, you will get the leads ready to reach the next step.

Funnel background

The funnel fund is the stage where a smaller number of people will be, however, the most qualified for your company. This is the moment of the purchase decision. Here, prospects are practically ready to be approached by the sales team. After all, more than aware of the problem / opportunity, they are ready to find the solution.

The terms that define funnel bottom materials are: persuasion and convincing. Therefore, it is time to make clear all the advantages of becoming a customer of your company. How? Through data, graphics, testimonials from satisfied customers, success cases, among others. Show that you are the perfect partner.

Thus, the sales funnel is completed when the prospect makes the purchase and becomes a customer.

Sales funnel: converting visitors into customers

In summary, the sales funnel has this function: converting visitors into customers. All of this in an organized way. Check out:

Visitor> lead / prospect conversion> nutrition, lead qualification and segmentation> purchase decision> customer.

These conversions are made through the production of rich materials, which educate and value your audience. Still, it is also important to offer and guarantee good support and service to visitors, leads and customers. Only in this way is it possible to establish a mutual trusting relationship.

After converting leads into customers, it is up to the company to know how to strengthen and optimize the relationship with that consumer. It is worth mentioning that: maintaining a customer is cheaper than acquiring new ones. So it is important that the brand knows how to do this.

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Ready to make your sales funnel?

A company with a well-structured sales funnel means that actions with better performance are carried out. This is because this strategy also allows the manager to know how his team is doing and check if there is any failure when converting visitors into leads – and from leads to customers.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that: knowing and investing in the sales funnel is fundamental for your company to win and retain customers. And you, already knew this method? Do you implement the actions suggested by the funnel? Then leave your comment!


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