Your stationery essentials for your company

Yes, it is gratifying not to have to move, losing an average of 23 minutes traveling is good.

But it has its negative side: you do not have all the stationery you need to facilitate your work.

We have a list of the stationery you must have at home to work.

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1. File cabinets

Even if you work at home, you generate documents and material that you must keep: invoices, delivery notes, budgets, letters, emails, income statements, payment vouchers, etc.

It is imperative that you keep them for a period of years.

For that you need filing cabinets , and to classify them and keep them intact.

2. Adhesive labels

In today’s world of conventions, stickers have become more important, perhaps even more important than notepads.

The reason? Well, if you’ve ever heard of the proverb, ‘out of sight, out of mind’, then you should also know that it is very applicable to work as well.

These will help you take notes and title documents.

3. Notebooks

You need to take notes, make calculations, reminders, appointments or important dates.

For more smartphone, tablets, or the best app you have, no gadget replaces a notebook and a good pen.

Don’t have just one, have several for different things.

4. Blackboard and markers

The blackboard is very important.

It can help you plan days and weeks, set goals and even remember things.

If you launch yourself from youtuber, you can use the support board, and you can even use it as a projector.

5. Ergonomic chair

No, an ergonomic desk chair is not a luxury.

How many hours do you spend sitting at work? Surely from 8 to 10 hours.

In addition to being at risk for cardiovascular disease and even diabetes from a sedentary lifestyle, you can have serious back problems.

A comfortable chair will help you to have a better posture.

Of course, it does not supplement the exercise and that you get up from time to time during the day.

6. Table lamps

Lighting is very important: you must take care of your eyes to force it too much.

Ceiling lighting is typically not sufficient for reading small print documents or notes.

A lamp will help you read these notes better and take care of your eyesight.

7. Stationery

These are basic products that should not be missing in any office. We are talking about pens, clips, staples, litter bins, envelopes … These are things that are taken for granted and should always be in any office or office.

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