What you should know about ASO for the App Store and Google Play

Many developers choose to have their apps on the Apple Store and Google Play. This is a great idea. However, to optimize your application perfectly in both stores, it is crucial to understand that there are differences.

Many of the things that are really important to Google Play are not even considered by the Apple App Store. That said, you should know these differences to optimize the best way in each app store.

Here I am just going to give you a superficial idea about this, if you want to go deeper, and you have planned to earn money with app development, I advise you to review the postgraduate course of the Isabel I University: “ Marketing and Positioning for Mobile Applications (ASO ) ”.

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Keywords and the algorithm of the App Store

Keywords play an important role in both stores, but the way they are read is different. Both take the app developer’s name and app title into consideration when displaying search results for specific users. Other elements vary in weight or are specific to one of the stores.

The algorithm of both stores is also influenced by the total number of downloads and the number of downloads in a short period. To classify the application, the algorithms combine and encode the keywords present in your application list.

Google Play search ranking

The Google Play Store algorithm takes almost all textual elements into consideration for keyword indexing.

The most relevant keywords come from the application title, short and complete descriptions of your application.

However, other elements such as the developer name, URL, and package name can also influence keyword rankings.

While Google is relatively flexible in keyword search, Apple does provide a specific field for typing in your keywords. Sometimes the Apple App Store ranking algorithm gets keywords from its competitors and the category name. Other than that, Apple’s algorithm is believed to take into consideration the apps that produce the highest revenue.

Unlike Google Play, in the Apple App Store, it is not recommended to repeat keywords in the title and in the keywords section due to field limitations. Also misspelling the words and repeating the word in the singular and plural is not a good strategy to fall in love with the algorithms of Google and Apple.

How updates work

Unfortunately, to make changes to everything, other than your description, new text, and URLs, it must be approved by Apple. However, on Google you can send changes immediately. To facilitate the publishing process in both stores, App Radar launched App Radar Publisher. It helps you go through the publishing process in both stores in a faster, easier and more organized way.

Each market has its own personality

Both mobile stores seek to bring high-quality mobile applications and games to the right users. But in the end, they both serve two audiences, at some very different points.

What fits both markets is that the visual elements are the most attractive. Google Play users, however, decide faster than Apple users.

Android phone owners make their download decisions based on feature charts, icon, rating, and short description, meaning they interact less with the page than iOS users, even scrolling to see all the screenshots of screen.

Overall, it can be said that users of the Apple App Store are more likely to catch up on the app with the help of various elements on the app page.

Due to the large offer of free applications, Android users are less likely to download a paid application. This fact makes it even more difficult to make a profit with an application offered for Android. Direct sales are easier to achieve through Apple’s App Store, although both stores earn 30% of sales.

To end…

Both stores have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling your app. Together, they have the largest number of applications and the largest user base.

In this article, you now have all the basic information you need to know to be successful in each store’s ASO.

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