Starting a business can be done in densely populated residential areas

Regardless of where you want to start a business, you must first find a problem. If you find a problem, you can start a business to solve it. This will have the potential for business success .

Many types of businesses can be started in densely populated residential areas. Depending on the location, demand, availability, etc. you can decide the business.

Except for a productive business in densely populated residential areas , all businesses are in great demand. I am trying to convey the ideas of those businesses which are more than profit and demand .

# 5 Grocery Store

Demand for grocery stores is ever high. In a grocery store, food is usually available, ranging from ingredients to cosmetics. Proper placement and good use with the customer is the key to its business.

Read – 1 lakh can be earned from a grocery store.

# 2 Laundry business

Laundry shop is a service based business. In the densely populated residential area, this business is very gathering You may have a laundry shop in your area, if not then you can start this business. If there is a demand then you can start to understand the demand. This business can be profitable with less investment. You can start a home delivery laundry business to get more customers.

# 1 Salon Business

One of the most popular and successful businesses is Salon Business. Although this business may seem like a simple business, the profit margin is not small. One of the main challenges of a business is to retain the craftsman (the haircut). If you can solve this problem, your business will be quite together.

# 1 painting business

It is a physical labor. Demand for this job lasts all year. If you want you can open a painting business agency. Customers will come to you to paint their homes and you will paint people their homes. Painting agencies can be a lucrative business in densely populated residential areas.

# 1 Stationery – Mobile Banking – Mobile Recharge

Start a stationery business in densely populated residential areas Besides stationery products, you can do mobile banking (bikash, rocket) and mobile recharge business.

# 1 Pharmacy Store

This business can be started with a small amount of capital and the risk is small. Pharmacy shops are very good in any residential area. Good use and fair value are the key to this business.


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