Can you earn 1 lakh every month with a grocery store?

If I make a job of Tk 25,000 with a wager of Tk 1 lakh, then I am established. I am a recognized servant in the society. On the other hand, if I invest 12 to 1 lakh rupees in a grocery store and earn 1 thousand to 1 lakh rupees a month, then Badaima, next to my name, could do nothing, nothing would happen with that. Nothing will happen to me? The answer to this question is left to you.

In any case, a grocery store can earn 1 lakh rupees per month. In order to inspire you and try to get some ideas on how to make a profit of Rs. Hopefully some benefit! Let’s first understand what products are in a grocery store.

List of grocery store products

In a typical grocery store, cosmetics are available starting from the essential foods . Such as flour, flour, semolina, oil, rice, pulses, salt, potatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and open spice. Besides, biscuits, chanaur, noodles, eggs, sauce, semai, milk, curry, various soaps, toothpaste, mosquito coil, spray are all used products. In all, there are more than 3 products in a grocery store.

Generally, there is a higher profitability in packaged goods than in open products. On average, a grocery store can earn 5 to 5 percent + profit.

Let’s do a simple drawing. Suppose a grocery store has 5 kinds of products and I have to earn 1 lakh every month.

So what stands out is that you have to earn 5 rupees per month for that kind of product . Which is 1 paise per day (1/4) = 1 paise.

If a product has a profit of 5 paisa 5 paisa, you have to sell 5 paisa. (3% profit margin)

The calculation is getting a little difficult, isn’t it?

Let’s try something a little easier. Suppose you sell 5 kg rice to a customer for 5 rupees, then the amount of money you sell will be (1 * 3) = 1 rupee. Which is 5% of the 5% earned money.

This time it seems like something is getting easier! Let’s give an easy calculation.

If you sell at an average profit of 5% per product, then you need to make 1 lakh per month for profit –

Every day you have to sell 5 rupees , which is about Rs . The score looks too big?

It doesn’t really matter if you can give a grocery store in a good place.

If you want to sell Tk.

  1. The rest cannot be given.
  2. You have to choose the right place.
  3. No customer can be refunded. That is, you have to have all kinds of products.
  4. Good use and good quality products should be provided with the customer.
  5. Customers who market mascara must attract more and retain them.
  6. You can get phone orders and start a home delivery service to promote and deliver good services. This will increase sales.

You may not be as successful today as you would with a shop. You need to understand this business and increase your customer base. Many good wishes!

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