I start to fly! – Borderlands 3 Complete Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

We continue with our complete guide after having passed the previous chapter . After bringing the camera map to Lilith, she will ask us to take it to the Eridian excavation in order to reactivate it. Before heading there we are going to carry out a couple of secondary missions that we accept when leaving the enemy fortress that we just visited.

I start to fly!

  • Settling down: to help Vaugh’s minion we will have to pick up his head and take it to the point indicated on the map in order to enter the simulation. Once inside we must collect its 4 memory fragments and fight our way through the enemies until we finish with the Interrogator. After that, we just have to go back to the starting point to get Vic out of the simulation.
  • Golden Calves: In this mission we will have to find three Vaughn posters (front, profile and rogue) in order to replace the statues of the children with them. They are all in the same area, so it will not be difficult to collect them and take them to the local 3D scanner. Once we have the new statues we just have to replace them at the indicated points and talk to Vaughn again to complete the mission.

Once the secondary missions have been completed, we can go to the main one. In the Eridian excavation, all we have to do is talk to Tannis and protect the area while she investigates the camera map. Upon completion of this phase we follow Lilith to the arched mission point for Ellie to show us a new vehicle with which to collect biofuel by running over 10 things. Well the mess. In addition, we will have to collect an astronavigation chip in the Dahl Orbital Command.

Once we have the requirements for the ship we must return to our base and just upon arrival we find an ambush by the Calypso brothers. After the cinematic, we must hurry through the points indicated on the map to reach Lilith and clear the bandits area in order to be able to revive it later. In doing so, it will only be pending to get on the ship to depart for the stars towards the next chapter of our adventure.


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