Hostile Opa – Borderlands 3 Complete Guide

Hostile takeover

Once we are ready we talk to Lorelei and regenerate a vehicle to follow her outside, where we will have to finish with a Wheel Plane to collect an ECHO that she drops and discover why the bandits have those vehicles.

  • Some heal, others are lined:we arrive at the place where Ace Baron is, who will ask us to collect various medicines in places marked on the map. When we take them he will ask us to draw some blood and after that we will have completed the mission.
  • Not even the sole of Maliwan’s shoe: itwill be offered to us by a survivor from the outskirts of Maliwan at the Lorelei base and we will have to finish off one of the two objectives that we set for ourselves. We arrived at the crime scene and then to the supply vehicle to hear the testimonies of Rax and Max. After that we go up to their base and we can end the lives of both of them and then return to whoever has entrusted us with the mission and thus complete it.

We follow Lorelei until the bandits come, whom we must kill. Also, we have to free the Basin Base from enemies. Basically it consists of shooting any enemy that moves and as soon as we can open the door of the base. Two armored pyrotechnics will emerge from there , which we must also kill.

In doing so we entered and communicated with Rhys through the intercom, who will ask us to find the Atlas agent. To move around the city more easily, Lorelei will give us a new vehicle (Ciclona) that will become available in the motorized vehicle.

  • Rise and Grind: Lorelei entrusts us with this side quest, based on finding coffee. We get to the cafeteria and activate the barista robot, who will ask us to retrieve the core of the place to make coffee. To collect it we must finish with “Core Daddy” and since there will be three quite powerful armored enemies, we recommend shooting them from below with a vehicle, since there is a Motorize station right there. Having the nucleus we return together to the robot barista, who will ask us to deliver a cup to serve the coffee there. We must take this cup from the Maliwan commander who is marked on the map and fill it with coffee and give it to Lorelei. Finally, we can complete the mission if we clear the area of ​​the enemies that come.
  • Kill Necrowatt:This mission is found in Lectra city center and will be asked by Moxxy. We simply must finish the objective that marks us after participating in their games, based on killing various contestants and collecting their chips. In addition, we must collect 3 batteries in the area. Once we have everything we head to the confrontation against Necrowatt. It is recommended to have resistance to electricity and move quickly to avoid the electrical areas of more damage and to reach your back, where you have the weak point. In addition, we can take advantage of the chests around to collect ammunition or heal ourselves and we also have the bandits that he will summon from time to time.
  • Dynasty Restaurant:Lorelei will give it to us after having overcome the mission of coffee. It is based on recovering the Dynasty restaurant to have a constant line of food. We get to the place and we must free it from enemies, after which we can activate the marked button to indicate that there is no meat. To get it we must kill Queen Ratch from the nearby nest, after attracting her by destroying 3 of her larvae. By taking the piece of meat to the digitizer and pressing a button, a robot will emerge and we must follow it to take us to a Maliwan captain who must be eliminated. To complete the mission, we simply have to bring Lorelei a hamburger.
  • Technical NOGqueo: We found the mission at the Meridio Metroplex center and it is based on collecting NOG with the special vehicle Quinn gives us. For this we have to shoot them from the right gun of the car. After that, we simply must return to Quinn and protect him from several waves of enemies while transferring the NOG data to Lorelei.

After completing the secondary missions in the area we can continue with the main one and meet Cer0 . We accompany him to an area where Maliwan keeps a lot of loot and to get hold of him we will have to clear the area of ​​enemies. Once done, we scoured all the chests to find interesting weapons, like an epic rocket launcher and the hostile OPA, the quest item that we must deliver to our partner so that he can upgrade his sword.

Once this is done we must meet Cer0 in the Halcyon spaceport in order to access the Gigamente . There we will have to fight with a boss that has the same name. It will summon other minions, but we recommend focusing on attacking the main one and watching his movements, since he moves from one central platform to another, in order to deal with the maximum possible number of melee blows interspersed with shotguns. This was our technique, in order to unbalance the enemy and disrupt its defense, and it did not take long to fall.


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