From the Ground Up and The Sectarians – Complete Borderlands 3 Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

We continue with our complete guide after cleaning the area of ​​enemies with Lilith . We must follow it to the next area and, once there, the main mission will be to find the head of the Sunslayer . We just have to break through killing all the psychopaths and the rest of the enemies that get in our way until we reach our objective, a character we will meet from Tales from the Borderlands: Vaughn . After talking to him we must take him to Lilith and escort him along the way.


From the ground up and the sectarians

We can find various secondary missions in the area:

  • Powerful Connections(Marcus): We will find a damaged weapon sales machine and to accept the mission we must find the origin of the problem. To do this we follow the yellow wire to an open fuse box and we will discover that a part is missing. In order to replace it, we will have to go to a nearby cave, finish with an electric bastard Skag, tear off the electric spine and put it in the machine to get it working again.
  • Poor coverage: Claptrap will ask us to help you find your missing antenna. To fulfill your request we must visit the different points on the map that indicates us and make our way until we find various types of antennas.
  • A Gap for Tipper:We must finish off a target on behalf of Ellie, which we will find in a nearby fortress. After making him go out and defeat him, we can access his secret stash by shooting a trapdoor so that it releases oil and electricity can correctly pass through the cable.
  • Skag hot dog:the first thing we must do is collect the package at the designated location and after that we arrive at the area marked for us to collect 5 succulent skag meats and 5 cactus fruits. In doing so, we must finish with a nearby succulent alpha skag, in addition to “Picadillo”, “Comeculos” and “Cometrufas”
  • Birlagayumbos:we have to finish with a goal that Vaughn sets for us. We simply come to his position and exterminate him.

After taking Vaugh to Lilith we will have to visit Ellie , who will ask us to recover a car in order to activate the Motorize system again . There we can customize the vehicle in question and use it whenever we want. We can already drive it to get to the area called “Peñasco de la Ascensión” marked on the map and reach the sacred transmission center. When we are close we will find an enemy that will drop a large loot when finishing him, so it is essential to chase him and manage to defeat him.

We continue into the transmission center to find the Speaker , the final enemy of the area. It’s somewhat more complex than we’ve defeated so far, as it will use the power of the speakers to take the entire shield off us in one fell swoop. Therefore, we will have to watch where the impact comes from in order to move and avoid it. We will also find health syringes in the surroundings in order to recover life when they are damaged. Upon defeating him, we can collect the map of his corpse and take it to Lilith .


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