Children of the House – Complete Borderlands 3 Guide

We bring you the complete Borderlands 3 guide in which we take a tour of the missions of history and we show you a series of tips and tricks.

We started the full Borderlands 3 adventure guide select difficulty level (easier or normal and Cooperative or competitive)) and our main character. After that, the famous Claptrap will receive us to deliver our ECHO device and we can follow it to advance our first steps in the game. We just have to follow its instructions as a tutorial, it has no loss. With this, we will learn to move and obtain our first weapon before entering an enemy fortress to understand in a practical way the notions of combat.

Children of the Chamber

Once inside we have to face various enemies and to do so we have the help of our weapon and various barrels of elemental damage that are distributed throughout the terrain, which we can shoot to injure nearby psychopaths. In addition, we will find various health syringes distributed in the chests, boxes and enemy corpses to heal our drink bar as soon as it is affected.

Once we clean the area, we recommend exploring the area in depth to find money, ammunition, even weapons. To continue the mission we have to go to the left side of the area in order to collect a shield , marked on the mini map with the blue diamond. Doing so will open the central door and we can go to the next room to finish off Pinchito, the first mini boss who will not be too complicated if we manage to dodge his attacks and shoot him to death.

At the end of it but we continue to the upper area to operate a lever and that the large magnet releases clear. Going down and talking to him, he will call Lilith, who will soon appear on the scene. At his side we must end the enemies that arise and with this we will finish this first introductory mission of Borderlands 3 and we can continue .


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