Where to start a Bible study?

Step by step to conduct your Bible study daily

When someone proposes to take a trip, the ideal is to plan for this endeavor: define which means of driving you will use (plane, car or bus ??), where you will stay, where you will have meals, among others. If traveling by car, for example, it is essential for the traveler to see which path they will follow to reach their final destination. If he wants to arrive faster, he must choose a certain road; if you want to pay less tolls, you must go the other way; if you want to stay in good hotels, you can choose another route.

Certainly, each path has its own beauty and also its difficulty. It is necessary that the person who is going to travel choose the itinerary that is most suitable for their reality. Which path fits the purpose of the trip better and, likewise, which one will not bring greater difficulties.

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When it comes to Bible study

When we propose to Bible study something similar happens. Studying and delving into biblical texts is also about traveling to places that are often unknown. Therefore, it is necessary to have a plan, just as in this trip by car. Is it necessary to choose a study guide, ?? a method that best fits the reality of those who are willing to read and understand the texts of Sacred Scripture. Therefore, each person should look for a scripture for Bible studies that is most useful and timely.

There are several scriptures for biblical studies that we have on the market today. Without disparaging the others, I would like to indicate four of them here, as they are the ones I know more deeply and I know the results they provide. I repeat, these are just a few of the many good scripts we have available. What needs to be clear is the need to follow a route that gives us security and impels us not to give up in the middle of the trip.

Roadmap for your Bible study

Biblical Course at Escola Mater Ecclesiae: The first script comes from the school founded by Dom Estevão Tavares Bettencourt OSB, whose objective is training. It is a type of theology course for laymen by correspondence.

?? Lectio Divina ??: ?? The second is one of the oldest methods in the Church. Reading the Bible in four steps: Reading, Meditating, Praying and Contemplating. The aim of Lectio Divina is to provide direct contact with the Holy Scriptures through a prayerful method.

The third method is the collection ‘Light for my steps’. Based on ?? Lectio Divina, it is a proposal that follows a handout with a lesson that must be done each day. In a way, she mixes this prayerful reading with some more technical knowledge, like what we have in the Mater Ecclesiae School method.

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?? The ‘Bible in my daily life’: ???? The fourth script indicated by me is part of the proposal of Monsignor Jonas Abib, founder of the Canção Nova Community. The study has some steps and also a direct link to the ?? Lectio Divina. In a spiritual diary, a person should, when studying a biblical passage, write down God’s promises, His orders, eternal principles, God’s message and how to apply the understanding of the text in daily life.

In addition to these methods, I know that some people study Sacred Books guided by scripts available on websites. You have to be very careful! I have seen a lot of wrong and dangerous things in several of these proposals. If still, you do or want to do a study guided by the world wide web, then take the necessary precautions: see who is the person who teaches the course, if it is linked to the Catholic Church, where the site comes from, talk to others people who also take this course and ask their spiritual director, pastor or coordinator of their community for guidance.

Read the Bible every day

There is also the fact that many people were unable to adapt to any of the scripts they knew and, therefore, decided to read the Bible starting in their first book, Genesis, following up to the Apocalypse, ?? reading one or a few chapters daily. Particularly, I find this path the most difficult, but I cannot deny that it also works when seeing some people choose and adapt to this proposal.

The important thing is that you make use of a good script, that prevents you from getting lost on this trip and keeps you motivated to move on. Choose a course of study that goes according to your needs and abilities, taking due care to find out the origin of the script that you assume for yourself. And that, following these guidelines, he may, during the wonderful journey through the biblical texts, be sure that the Word of God is a lamp for our feet and a light for our path (cf. Psalm 119,105).


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