What is SSID;How to hide the SSID

SSID is the acronym in English for “ service set identifier ”, which consists of the name given to a wireless network.The SSID is the identification associated with a wireless local area network (Wi-Fi) so that a customer can differentiate it from others in the same location. So, whenever someone wants to connect to a wireless network , they must know the SSID and password that is usually assigned for access.

The SSID can be up to 32 characters long, allowing the use of special characters. Its analysis is case-sensitive , that is, it is case-sensitive. Thus, a wireless network called “network” is different from another called “Network”.Every router has a standard SSID for wireless networks that can be modified by the network administrator during device setup. This process is advisable for security reasons.

A wireless network can have another access point (AP), which work as redistributors of the signal coming from the router. Regardless of the number of access points, they will all use the same SSID, since they belong to the same network.

As a rule, the SSID of the wireless network is announced ( broadcast ) so that all devices in its range can find it. However, it is possible to configure the router or access point to hide the network name.

When the SSID of the network is hidden, it does not appear in the list of connections available on site. In such cases, it is necessary that the individual already knows, in advance, the name of the network he wants to connect to.

How to hide the SSID?

The procedure for hiding the SSID varies depending on the router. In the instruction manual it is possible to find an address that, when typed in the browser, gives access to the device’s settings. The URL can also be informed by the operator’s technical assistance.

To hide the network, it is necessary to disable the broadcast function , usually identified as “Broadcast Network Name”, “SSID Broadcast”, “Broadcast SSID” or Broadcast Network Name “.

In the router settings it is also possible to modify the SSID, modify the network access password, remove the network access password, among other options.

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