Spring asthenia: tips to combat it

Mood variations, sleep disturbances, fatigue or lack of vitality and energy are some of the characteristics of tiredness, known as spring asthenia , which usually appears with the seasonal change in the first weeks of spring.

Although the symptoms of asthenia are usually mild in nature, they can weaken the immune system, for this reason it is essential to take care of food to face this time with force.

“Sometimes we don’t take seriously seasonal changes that can be accompanied by environmental, physical and climatic variations. It is important to take them into account because our body needs to adapt its systems to them, causing it to spend excessively on energy, ”says Rubén Bravo, a naturopath who is an expert in Nutrition and a spokesperson for the European Medical Institute for Obesity .

Bravo highlights a series of tricks that can help combat lack of vitality, such as following a balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts, olive oil and lean meats , regulating the sleep cycle, “sleep with the blind open ”, he recommends; o carry out a minimum of physical activity and reduce or eliminate the excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco. “Smile, hug and practice gratitude towards the good things in life,” he adds.

Recommended foods

Diet can be the perfect ally to overcome this stage: fruits and vegetables become essential since they provide many vitamins , antioxidants and minerals and help to combat asthenia. Bravo recommends including in the diet:

  • Lentils: This dish is a great substitute for refined cereals, rice, and potatoes and is a great source of fiber , B vitamins, and minerals, like iron . “If we accompany them with peppers or orange juice for dessert, we will improve the absorption of iron,” he adds.
  • Quinoa: Rich in fiber, folic acid , magnesium , phosphorus and manganese. According to the IMEO spokesperson, it is the cereal with the best protein value of all, allowing a meal with quinoa to be absorbed slowly, giving it constant energy over time and with folic acid to improve brain vital tone.
  • Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables: this group of foods helps the body to detoxify better, reduce the feeling of heaviness, providing freshness, hydration and a feeling of lightness thanks to its high content of vitamins and phytochemicals, essential for the proper functioning of the body.

Food not advised

The expert recommends reducing or eliminating:

  • Coffee: Caffeine and stimulants force the pancreas to produce high levels of insulin, triggering a temporary high expenditure of sugar. “For a short period of time it gives us a feeling of vigor and vitality. However, it will decline to drowsiness and lack of vitality , as our body will try to compensate for the effect produced by caffeine, “he explains.
  • Industrial pastries:the combination of sugars, saturated fats and refined flours usually produces a feeling of decay, tiredness and general heaviness in our body, enhancing the lack of vital tone.
  • High alcoholic beverages: excess alcohol brings a feeling of lethargy and hinders physical and mental agility; by damaging the cardiovascular system, it also decreases cell oxygenation, especially brain oxygenation.

Furthermore, since IMEO indicate that food supplements, as the maca and royal jelly can help strengthen the immune system. To this, Bravo adds a plant, ashwagandha, also called Indian ginseng, which is known to contribute to vital strengthening, stimulate the immune system, and provide energy.

Finally, the expert recommends practicing zumba . “ Studies indicate that fun physical activity, in groups and where there is music is a great method to combat lack of vitality, anxiety and depression, because with this practice dopamine and serotonin are released, hormones related to happiness and the feeling of fullness ”, he explains. “Likewise, aerobic physical activity favors cellular oxygenation, increases our metabolism and improves the condition of our cardiovascular system.”


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