What Is A Spiritual guide;Know The Light That Shows Us The Way

Spiritual guides are spirits whose main objective is to protect our lives.Some people are often believe that spiritual guidance is the same as mentor or teacher. This is a fairly common confusion. Although both are spirit beings and share the essence of the creator.In Christian religion the spiritual guide is known as a guardian angel.The sprite that protects us from the possible evils.

spiritual guide

Characteristics of a spiritual guide

  • People who have achieved a high level of spiritual evolution , when they leave the material world, can become spiritual guides. For those who believe in reincarnation, this is the ultimate goal: to free oneself from carnal existence. For those who do not believe in reincarnation, it is not so difficult to imagine that someone who goes to heaven wants to help others.
  • A spirit guide is an evolved being who returns in spirit to help people who continue to live in the material world.
  • Spirit guides are spiritually related to the people they help. They belong to the same “spiritual family” as the person.
  • A form of spiritual guide is the ascended masters, people with a great level of evolution who after leaving the matter returned to help other human beings. A spiritual guide not the same as an ascended master.
Difference between a spirit guide and an angel

Spirit guides and angels are in the spirit world, but they are not the same. The essence of each one is different.Angels are of the same essence as the creator. Spirit guides share this essence, but they have been incarnated people at some point in the history of their soul.Most scholars of this subject agree that angels have not been incarnated beings, although some people, like Dr. Doreen Virtue , hold different theories. Angels and elementals like fairies and other guardians of nature are of the same spiritual essence.

Although it is possible that some of your dead relatives are highly evolved people, most likely they are not your present spirit guides. The soul must go through a period of healing and learning before returning to help other beings.

How spirit guides help you

Spirit guides provide spirit guidance, a broader perspective on life, and a sense of well-being and company. His teachings help the soul to evolve. They help eliminate anxiety because they promote the healing work of the being, humanity and the planet.

How to communicate with your spiritual guide or guides

  • Take time to meditate on the important moments in your life. How have you received help or teachings in those moments?
  • Ask questions before bed so that angels and guides can help you during sleep.
  • Keep a journal of your questions, the responses you receive, and sudden communications that may arise when you connect with your guides. In other words, keep channels of communication open.
  • Make your own decisions, but be alert to your feelings and ideas that may inspire change.
Always remember that your job is to evolve spiritually. Your guides help you, but you make the decisions. Always think about the well-being of others and how you can contribute to improving the world. That will assure you of the help and guidance of the spirit world.

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