How To Get Business Ideas

How To Find  Good Business Ideas.When a person decides to try to work on their own, one of the first difficulties they usually face is what to do, what business to start, in other words: how and where to find a good business idea .Many people believe that finding  believe that everything is already invented.They  want to close their brain because they claimed that “everything was already made up.

Finding good business ideas is a matter of attitude . Develop curiosity, have a proactive attitude, be a good observer, look for new ways of doing things, take controlled risks,and not waiting for someone to bring you a good business idea so that you can benefit.It is true that without an idea there is no company , but the idea is only the beginning of the creative process that, through planning, will culminate (or not) with the creation of the company.

Ways to get business ideas (original, innovative and profitable);How To Get Business Ideas

Create derivatives or improvements of things that already exist 

You don’t have to go crazy imagining products, services or businesses that don’t exist yet. You can start from something that has already been invented, even from something that you have previously created.A product, service or business can aware you a lot. It has multiple facets that you can explore to extract all its juice.

As an example:

  • You can improve a product incorporating new utilities that until then did not have.
  • You can target it to diverse audiences (specific targets, specific market niches).
  • You can create versions of different prices and qualities.
  • You can offer different products to the one you already have, but that have some kind of relationship with yours (products that marry, that go hand in hand, such as wine with food).

Possible sources of business ideas


Each person is different, has different skills, training, tastes, work and life experience, hobbies, contact networks, etc.


  • Your training
  • Your personal abilities
    • your strengths
    • your weak points
  • Your personal skills
  • Your hobbies
  • Your contact and support networks

Find a business idea that builds on your strengths and tries to build a team that complements your skills and can take care of your weaknesses.

The market

The market is always a source of ideas for those who know how to observe what is happening, detect unsatisfied demands (which is not easy because many times people do not ask for something concrete but know how to recognize it when it is offered) and imagine how it can be done. improve what there is.

One point to keep in mind is that many of the best business ideas are not completely original but are based on the combination of different products and / or existing markets.

For example , if you try to develop an existing product in an also existing market, you run the risk of having a lot of competition. If you go to the other extreme of trying a new product in a new market, you risk going too far and not having sales. But you can try a combination of products / markets.

Among the video consoles, the Wii achieved a huge success by targeting a market segment that did not consume those products (women and older people)..


  • Detect unmet or partially met needs
  • Improve existing products (shrink / enlarge, lighter / heavier, etc.)
  • Combine existing products (eg yogurt with cereals)
  • Change use or propose another to existing products
  • Change the distribution or delivery system
  • Import ideas from other markets
  • Monitor trends
  • Add value to the customer.

The social environment

Society has changed a lot in recent years, the family structure too, life expectancy has grown enormously, different expectations regarding free time, the different use of time, the impact of the global economic crisis, the different educational levels, etc., etc. All these changes generate new needs that someone has to cover (will your business do it?).


  • Changes in lifestyles
  • Changes in the use of free time
  • Changes in family composition and roles
  • Changes in educational levels
  • Changes in people’s consciousness (environment, organic crops, etc.)
  • Identify Trends.

The legal environment

As society changes, so does the political and legal environment.


  • New regulations
    • environmental laws,
    • decrease in energy consumption,
    • increased security measures
    • water preservation
  • New labor policies

The work environment

With new technologies, job roles have changed profoundly and new opportunities are open daily to those who have a good handle on technology.

Technology has enabled new professions (community manager, virtual assistance, etc.) and the massive incorporation of women into the world of work in a less stressful way than that of our mothers.


  • Possibilities arising from telecommunications
  • Possibilities of working from home
  • Services that can be provided at a great distance (to clients located anywhere in the world)
  • New ways of working (working from home and going to the office one day a week, etc.)


Opportunities to find new and good business ideas are never lacking, but it is creative work that you must face personally.Keep a record and write down the ideas that come to your mind, so you will have a kind of bank of possible business ideas to consult and why not? ideas to share with others.

For people who are not comfortable with such a level of creativity or do not like to take risks, it is always possible to continue working in a relationship of dependency.Although there is always the intermediate situation of looking for a profitable franchise whose advantage is to have a proven business model and with all the steps clearly established.

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