Spider snow chains: how they fit and how much they cost

As winter approaches, worries about snow and adverse weather conditions return. The snow chains spider are an excellent solution, easy to install and very effective.

The importance of car snow chains

Every year during the winter season, many motorists are forced to face the problems that this cold period brings with it. Snow, hail and icy roads are inconveniences on the agenda. These risk factors do not affect seaside resorts as much as other cities and towns that are located in the mountains or at least several meters above sea level. Considering the scope and diffusion of such areas, the Highway Code is very specific on the matter, effectively obliging every motorist to have snow chains in their vehiclefor the wheels of your car. This occurs in the areas most prone to problems due to low temperatures, so the driver becomes obliged for long periods of the year to have snow chains or, alternatively, thermal tires in the car. Although they may be a comfortable solution, thermal tires do not have the same effectiveness as snow chains, especially in the sections where the conditions are really difficult. In short, even if the law does not provide for it, it is part of the motorist’s common sense to keep at least a pair of snow chains in the trunk, for their own safety and that of others.

There are two types of snow chains: the classic , characterized by the rhombus shape and the more recent and easier to install models which are called spider .

How to fit spider snow chains

For several years now, more and more motorists have opted for snow chains with a ‘spider’ system for their cars. The name derives from their particular shape reminiscent of that of a spider. Unlike traditional snow chains, these do not need to be fixed on the inside of the wheel but are mounted directly on the outside.

Although the various models differ from each other depending on the manufacturer, all systems have two pieces. The first is the anchoring system that attaches to the outside of the wheel, while the second is the actual chain that attaches to the anchoring system.

Assembly is much easier and simpler than traditional chains, as well as much faster.

The first element, that is the anchoring system, must be fixed to the outside of the wheel by means of an adapter that is fixed directly on the wheel bolt.

Once a wheel bolt has been extracted, some adapters must be attached to it to maintain the anchoring system. Once applied, you need to reinsert the bolt in its position.

Once this is done, the bolt and the anchoring system will remain in place for the duration of the winter, without the need to assemble and disassemble everything every time it snows.

When you have inserted all the anchoring systems, when you need it, all you have to do is fix the chain to the base by matching the marked points. After a few tests, as soon as you get to grips with it you will see that the operation will be very quick, taking only a few seconds for each wheel.

variant of the spider snow chains provides an even easier assembly, without the need to mount the anchoring system to the rim , applying everything directly to the wheel. This type of spider chains must be fixed directly on the wheel bolts, removing everything once the obligation to use the chains is finished.
Like traditional chains, it only takes two to mount on the drive wheels of your vehicle.

Pros and cons of spider snow chains

The snow chains spider are found a useful and quite advanced in the automotive industry and also have a long list of benefits. The first of the advantages of the case lies above all in the practicality of use. In fact, spider snow chains provide an assembly system that is very simple to apply and above all comfortable. In fact, once the base has been inserted, you will no longer need to move it for the duration of the winter. When it’s time to mount the chains, just find a quiet pitch and mount everything in seconds.

The chain assembly process also ensures that most of the models settle down almost automatically, fixing the different parts following the instructions. Traditional chains, on the other hand, in addition to requiring more time, need the vehicle to move a few meters before going into position correctly.

The faster assembly have a direct effect on driver safety. In mountainous areas it is easy for temperatures to drop drastically when night falls, thus bringing inconveniences such as ice on the roads and forcing drivers to fit snow chains in low light conditions. An exemplified quick assembly therefore allows you to spend little time in the dark outside your stationary vehicle to carry out the operations, therefore it is much safer for the driver.

Among the disadvantages of spider snow chains, first of all, we remember an aesthetic effect, because not everyone likes to go around with the base mounted for the duration of the winter (to overcome the problem you can buy more advanced models).

In addition, spider snow chains, although comfortable, are not as efficient as traditional ones, so in all situations with a lot of snow the vehicle will have more difficulty moving.

Price of spider snow chains

The snow chains spider are very advanced and therefore involve a higher cost than normal. Sold individually, single wheel prices can range from € 150 to € 500 , especially for premium models. For example, chains without the fixed mounting system cost more than the other type.


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