Snow socks: what you need to know

Discover with us everything there is to know about snow socks , with the prospect of using them when it’s colder without any particular concern. At the same time, we highlight any differences from classic chains and explain the circumstances in which you should use them.

What are snow socks

If you do not know what snow socks are , you cannot verify the circumstances in which to place them in correspondence with the tires of your car. We are talking about simple cover items, usually made of polyester and much easier to fit to the wheels than chains. To all this we must add an extremely low list price, since you can buy them even spending only about 50 euros . In any case, be aware that you must acquire approved accessories suitable for circulation only on certain occasions.

Remember that if you find yourself in sections without snow, you need to hurry to remove the snow socks. In particular, be careful of tunnels and tunnels of all kinds to avoid encountering any possible inconvenience with the Highway Code. Also, if you forget to do this, your socks could deteriorate within a few minutes, putting your safety at serious risk.

When to use snow socks

When do you need to use snow socks ? As we have already mentioned before, before buying them and mounting them on the wheels of your car, you must make sure that they are fully homologated . Based on what is ruled by European legislation, these small accessories must comply with certain standards in terms of road safety, as well as guaranteeing a high degree of reliability in the required conditions. They must be manufactured in a workmanlike manner in order to be marketed devices without any limitation.

As we have already explained to you in the previous lines, you can safely fit snow socks in place of snow chains . However, their polyester conformation can cause a much faster deterioration than that of the other devices mentioned, since on asphalt they risk wearing out almost immediately. If you use them correctly, you can enjoy their quality for quite a long time. Just coat the top and side of the drive wheels and move the car a few centimeters to get the results you are looking for. All this without having to worry in any way about grip on the wheels, which is achieved automatically.

What are the differences from snow chains

The differences between snow socks and snow chains are regulated according to the UNI 11313 law , which constitutes the true homologation of both. However, you can use one or the other without particular distinctions according to Italian regulations, since both are included in the vast category of anti-skid devices and allow you to carry out safe driving on snow-covered surfaces. As a result, you can safely insert snow socks in place of winter tires with peace of mind.

The new rules that we have shown you came into force in 2015, but still today they are guaranteed to be effective. However, remember that if you mount these additional parts, you cannot reach a maximum speed exceeding 50 kilometers per hour . At the same time, they can hide some minor difficulties compared to chains. Of course, you can install them in a few moments and check their results immediately. However, as mentioned in the previous paragraphs, you must replace them as soon as you find yourself on a snow-free surface to safeguard their full functionality and your safety.

How to choose the best snow socks

What are the aspects that you need to take into utmost consideration when you are about to choose the snow socks that are best suited to the context you have established? Several brands offer you models of this kind at not very high prices, with the opportunity to make you enjoy quality products without fainting too much from an economic point of view. From Michelin to Autosock , by Bottari in Goodyear , through ISSE , Easysock and many other brands, the opportunities from which you can choose the right one are really many and all to take the utmost account.

What matters is that the snow socks you are about to buy and install comply with the aforementioned regulations. They must have on board the UNI 11313 or ON v5121 label , which certifies their full belonging to a specific category in terms of safety and functionality. Furthermore, you have to decide whether to prefer the typical fabric or rely on the more modern and resistant polyester. It is up to you to know how to find the product that can do perfectly for you, obviously without neglecting the continuous search for accessories that can guarantee you an advantageous relationship between quality and price.. Take your time and you are more likely to complete the perfect purchase for your specific needs.


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