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Terrorism is such an important topic today that everyone discusses it and considers it a great threat to the social, political and economic stability of a country. Many preventive measures are taken by countries to root out terrorism in the world and establish peace on the world stage. But it is not so easy to accomplish; However, it is not impossible either.

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Honorable Principals, Vice Principals, Respected Fellow Teachers and My Dear Students – I welcome all of you to our school seminar hall. First of all, I want to extend my heartiest congratulations to everyone present here!

As always, we have again gathered to discuss and exchange our thought process on the most important issues that concern us and our country at large. And today, we are going to discuss another burning issue that the whole world is suffering, namely terrorism.

Since I feel so strongly on this subject; I have chosen this topic to raise awareness of my students and to make them realize how it has affected the world. Although my personal opinion is no different from the rest of the world, I would like to share it with all of you and say that terrorism has caused great havoc on our planet and has disturbed everyone’s life.

It is because of the growing terrorist attacks that many brave soldiers and countless innocent people are losing their lives; The world’s economy has suffered a severe breakdown and most importantly, it has created a fear in everyone that their lives are not safe anywhere.

If you reverse the time of the clock, you will realize that history is full of horrific incidents of terrorist attacks. We can never sleep casually at night, cannot walk freely on the streets because somehow we are in a constant danger of an attack that escalates all around and is mainly characterized by growing terrorist attacks and assassinations Because of the cases.

This is why we are often being asked by our loved ones to avoid being in crowded places, especially during the festive season. Terrorism is an activity that is intentionally carried out by a group of men or several terrorist organizations to create fear or terror in public with the sole purpose of damaging their lives and property. It is such a disgusting practice to destabilize the peaceful lives of people and destroy their families.

The wounds of the Mumbai terrorist attack, ie 26/11, have still not healed and the world is witnessing an alarming rate of growth in such activities: from Pakistan bomb attacks to Mumbai terror attacks on Taj Hotel, Twin Tower in US From the attack to the bombings in London. Terrorist groups carry out these heinous activities without fear in their hearts.

Unfortunately, people like us become terrorists, whose minds are brainwashed for terrorist organizations (related to places like Afghanistan, Iraq and the Taliban) to such an extent that they also become ready to become suicide bombers and Recall instances of human becoming a weapon. Used by terrorist groups.

The purpose of these terrorist activities is to impair the social, economic and political machinery of our country or other countries of the world. According to figures disclosed to the public, the country spends about $ 5 million every year on combating US terrorism. In fact, our country is also showing an active participation to uproot the issue; Through an alliance called POTA, formed by our Indian government to deal with this growing threat.

So let’s take a pledge together that we will make every effort to stop these heinous activities of crime and murder and strengthen our country by imparting knowledge to people and raising our consciousness towards it.

Thank you!

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Hearty congratulations to the honorable chairman of the ABC social worker group, committee members and dear audience!

I welcome all of you to the 26th Annual Discussion Program which has been organized to raise people’s consciousness towards the sensitive issues of our country. And since news of terrorist attacks and bombings is always in the news, I considered this topic for today’s discussion and analysis.

Many questions are raised on terrorism, such as how terrorism facilitates the disintegration of a national political system or its social institutions? How does terrorism act as a catalyst for rapid social change? In what way, then, can terrorism define a social correlation between a frustrated minority and a ruling political group, or between a disadvantaged group and one that achieves absolute monopoly using force? A broader sociolinguistic view on terrorism is possible only through discussion of political events that unfold not only in the context of cumulative numerical statements, but also by examining its impact on society at large.

There is no reason to deny that terrorism destroys and discourages populations and creates a breakdown in a society even if on a striking contrast it forms an integrated mechanism in bringing people together for a common goal. Works in

Terrorism creates anarchy in a society and disrupts the law and order of a state or country, that is, kidnapping or killing people of another sect by one sect on religious lines or due to subcultural distinctions. However, no act of terrorism can ever be a way for historical changes or to accelerate the pace to achieve any goal.

A recent terrorist attack took place on July 11, 2017. It was an attack on the Amarnath Yatra in Anantnag in which seven people were killed and more than 19 people were seriously injured. The terrorist attack on a passenger train on 7 March was another incident that occurred before the 2017 Bhopal-Ujjain bombing. The bomb blast occurred at Jabari railway station in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh, injuring 10 passengers.

Even though socially militants are not able to rise above the social system; However, they create a breakdown within that order and weaken the administrative capacity of the authorities as well as the ruling elite.

Therefore, it is not right to encourage or shelter anti-social elements in our society and we all need to be a little more active in terms of monitoring our surroundings and reporting to the police if anything looks suspicious. . That’s all I have to say!

Thank you!

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good Morning ladies and gentlemen!

Before the commencement of this speech, I would like to thank all the people for coming here and saying something on terrorism on this occasion. As we all know that today the event is organized to spread awareness about terrorism among the people in the region. It has become very important for people to understand what terrorism really is?

Terrorism can be defined simply because it is an illegal act that creates violence in people. Now the fear of terrorism is spreading fast all over the world. Terrorists spread terrorism in the name of religion and people are living in fear of losing their loved ones, especially those living in vulnerable places.

Many terrorist groups like ISIS, al-Qaeda etc. are directly or indirectly affected by the spread of terrorism all over the world. Terrorist activities occur due to political, religious, personal and ideological benefits. Since the whole world is suffering from this problem called terrorism, it can be solved internationally. Only one or a few countries are not responsible for this.

India as a nation has faced many problems throughout its history and terrorism is one of them. There have been instances where the country had gone through the fear of terrorism and the Taj Hotel had the most obscene attack which left a terrible impact across the country. The country suffered a great loss of life and property in this attack and had to go through an economic crisis. Such attacks by those terrorists are for their political and other unfair advantage. They commit inappropriate killings for their unreasonable demands. The purpose of these attacks is to make people fall and make the whole country suffer in various aspects.

Many people of our own country are in support of these terrorist attacks and they think that what these terrorists are doing for their country is justified and it is a shame for us. All these attacks took practice to create panic among the people. Recently, militants attacked pilgrims in Anantnag in south Kashmir, killing seven of those pilgrims, leaving five women and 12 injured.

Is it still fair to kill those innocents? No religion tells people to kill, but they are only people who commit murders in the name of religion. Thus, India is spending a lot of money on protecting the country every year to stop the attacks on the nation and fight against terrorism, but these groups of terrorists are so trained that they are still lurking in our country Manage to enter form. Our country may not be the safest country, but it has the latest technological security to fight against these terrorist groups.

The world can overcome this dangerous problem only when the awareness of the people will increase and when the countries unite and solve this problem. On this note, I would like to end my speech and thank all of you in particular for joining us and for making this event so successful.

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Respected principal, respected teachers and my dear friends!

As we all know that today the event is organized in this auditorium to spread knowledge about terrorism among the younger generation and as a head girl I would like to say something about terrorism on this occasion.

As we are all familiar with the biggest problem of the world today and thus it is very important to understand what is terrorism and why is terrorism? Using illegal violence against people or property to achieve political objectives is called terrorism. The spread of terrorism is for their political and personal benefit.

We all know that our country had gone through many internal and external threats in history, but the terrorists had spread its roots all over the country that it has become very difficult to counter it. It has a huge impact, especially on the youth of our country.

Many children, especially those from the Islam community, are falling into the trap of violence. Our country is being victimized many times by those terrorists and therefore there are many examples of their attacks. Two such cases were reported recently in 2017. First, on March 7, 2017, the terrorists attacked the Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train with bombs. The bombing took place at Jabri railway station in Shajapur district of Madhya Pradesh in which 10 passengers were injured.

Secondly, on 11 July 2017, terrorists attacked Amarnath Yatra in Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir. Seven pilgrims were killed and six pilgrims were injured in the attack. These murders of innocent people are completely unfair and such attacks are completely unlawful.

Due to these attacks our country had suffered great loss of life and economic instability. However, these attacks mostly took place under the North-Western region of the country. The most effective state of our country is Jammu and Kashmir. People living in this state are still living in fear of attacks by these terrorists. But these days, terrorists are trying to spread their roots in this country as well as all over the world.

Not only us but the whole world is suffering due to these terrorist groups. Many countries such as Iraq and Iran became almost completely trapped under these groups. People living in these countries are still fighting for their freedom. Terrorism is a reason for different ideologies and religions of the people. Religion varies from place to place on this earth and because of this, when two different people of different religion meet; This causes conflict of different ideologies. We all have to understand that each person has their own way of thinking and set of beliefs.

Thus, terrorism is not only the problem of a specific country and it wants the world to get rid of terrorism. Solving the problem of terrorism is absolutely impossible for a country. It is an international problem and thus action should be taken internationally by every country.

On this note I would like to end my speech and now you can have your snacks. I wish you all a great day!

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Hello everyone, thank you for the combination in the seminar today. First of all, I would like to welcome honorable chief guest, respected headmaster, vice principal, respected fellow teachers and lovely students.

Today is the annual day of our school and, like every year, we hold a session to discuss burning issues that concern our society, family and ourselves. This year, we have chosen the topic of ‘terrorism’. This is not only highly relevant in India; It spoils the harmony of the whole world; Which disrupts the peace and harmony of every person.

Terrorism can be defined as the application of violence and bloodshed with the main objective of pursuing ideological or political aims at the expense of the common people. Terrorism can be imposed in various forms with different causes and consequences. While terrorism always has a dangerous consequence, its root cause can be social, religious or political differences and ethnicity when one class or community of people is suppressed by another.

It is mainly adopted by some anti-social elements to attract the attention of political parties and citizens towards a particular issue. While terrorism is a global issue, it has grown rapidly since independence in India and today, it has become the most important issue faced not only by innocent civilians, but also by political parties, which have such heinous somewhere Are responsible for activities.

Some places in India such as Jammu and Kashmir, South and East Central India (Naxalites), Assam (ULFA), Jharkhand, West Bengal and many more are affected by terrorism. M. K. According to Narayanan (National Security Advisor), there are about 800 terrorist cells operating in India.

All of you will be seeing in the news that most of the terrorist activities i.e. ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) in Kashmir, Pakistan were allegedly motivated by the media, while the Pakistani government denies it the same way every time.

Among various other reasons, religious reason terrorism in India is one of the most important reasons due to its sensitivity and impact on the younger generation. Many people have a misconception about how they view religion ‘and some anti-social elements take advantage of it and try to convert the minds of innocent youth into terrorists. The report says that most of the deaths and incidents in India have been caused by religion-inspired terrorism.

Other causes of terrorism can be economic reasons such as unemployment in rural areas, disappearance of land reforms, exploitation and exploitation of poor and uneducated laborers by landowners, etc. These and other reasons have resulted in various terrorist groups such as the Maoists.

Social issues such as unemployment, poverty, non-education, lack of basic amenities and lack of basic facilities such as proper health care and transportation system, etc. can also create resentment among ordinary citizens against the government forming various terrorist groups.

Terrorism is a very important issue of India today and it is equally dangerous for the whole world. Terrorism not only endangers humanity, it also disturbs law, peace and harmony. Therefore, through this seminar, I appeal to all of you, especially the youth, to stay away from all such elements that affect you for religion, social or economic reasons. Terrorism is not the solution to any issue; It is really only the result of the blood of innocent people who are not responsible in any way for the current state of the country.


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