Space exploration

Space has been explored for decades. First, space probes were sent, which are unmanned ships that study and do experiments. After completing their mission, the probes most of the time do not return to Earth.

In 1961, the first man was launched into orbit, the Russian Yuri Gagarin was the first to see the planet from afar. Before Gagarin, several experiments were carried out with insects, mice and then dogs.

Space exploration has enabled man to discover new frontiers, face great phenomena and develop cutting-edge technology. Thanks to satellites that are in orbit, we can access means of communication, forecast the weather (such as hurricanes, cold front, dry air mass, among others), detect areas that are being deforested, detect fires and assess the ozone hole .

The benefits that space brings us are quite large, but it is worth remembering people who lost their lives so that barriers could be overcome. Many astronauts died after being launched into orbit victims of accidents.

by Abdullah Sam
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