Lip tint: how to use? 6 options for you to know!

You may have heard of lip tint: the product, which is super hot, works as a dye for the lips, providing a light and translucent color, softer than a lipstick.This type of product is indicated to give a natural color to the mouth, creating an effect of naturally colored lips. Some versions can also be used as blush and even eyeshadow.Its liquid texture, similar to a food coloring, allows to create a natural finish and build different levels of intensity. Because of this proposal, lip tint usually comes in warm colors, such as red, peach and pink.

The Bleeza team tested six options of national and imported lip tints to help you choose. Come see what we think!

Benetint Benefit

  • Available colors : Rose (red);
  • Average price : from R $ 100 *.

The Benetint was launched in the 1970s and became the flagship of the brand. Classified by Benefit as a “red liquid dye”, it can be used on the lips and cheeks.

According to the brand, the product promotes “natural finish, light coverage that can be intensified”. In addition, the brand promises that it is long lasting and does not smudge. It has a precise applicator that slides on the lips and texture that is easy to spread “for an incredible look in seconds and kiss-proof”.

To apply, you need to use the brush to deposit some droplets and spread with your fingers. It is also possible to spread with the applicator itself. One layer is enough to cover the lips, but you can apply a second hand to reinforce the color.

The brand also has other lip tint options in its portfolio: Lovetint (red), Chachatint (orange), Gogotint (cherry), Posietint (pink) and Lollitint (pink-violet).


  • Light finish with smooth result;
  • Its fluid texture leaves no sticky feeling;
  • Do not smudge;
  • Can be used as a blush. 

Negative points

  • The applicator is not good for spreading, as it leaves the product accumulated in some points;
  • Stain your fingertips when used to spread;
  • The price is high.

Love Lip Color DNA Italy 

  • Available colors: Love Red, Love Cherry, Love Pitaya, Love Uva;
  • Average price: from R $ 9 to R $ 35 reais *.

DNA Lip Tint Color was the first cheap to be launched and has been conquering more and more users. 

It was developed to enhance the natural color of the lips, in addition to having technology that makes the pigment adapt to the tone of the mouth, leaving a natural finish. 

When applying, it is important to remove all excess product from the brush and apply to the lips. For a more natural effect, just apply a small amount just in the center of the lips and spread it with your fingers. For a more intense effect, it is ideal to be used on the entire lip as a lipstick. 

The lip tint can still be used as a blush, leaving the cheeks slightly colored, promoting a more natural make-up. 


  • Pigmentation is intense;
  • It lasts all day;
  • Can be used as a blush;
  • It has a great cost benefit.

Negative points

  • The applicator resembles those of nail polish and bothers when it touches the lips;
  • The product drips and stains when spreading;
  • Stain your fingertips when spreading; 
  • It leaves your mouth very dry.
  • The packaging is made of non-resistant glass

Stainiac Lip and Cheek Stain The Balm

  • Available colors : Beauty Queen;
  • Average price: from R $ 85 to R $ 90 reais. 

Stainiac Lip and Cheek is a gel dye that provides a natural and long-lasting effect to the lips, in addition to being waterproof and kissable.

Its formula, enriched with aloe vera, leaves the perfect finish, without staining or losing color intensity throughout the day. 

At the time of application, just pass the brush over your lips like a lipstick, spread it with light touches and wait for it to dry. To intensify the color, apply a new layer.

It can be used on the cheeks, for this, apply three dots on the cheekbones spread quickly with your fingertips. 


  • The applicator is anatomical and spreads the product evenly;
  • Its gel texture, makes the application comfortable;
  • It does not run when spreading;
  • Does not stain; 
  • It is water resistant.
  • Can be used as a blush.

Negative points

  • The smell is not pleasant;
  • The price is not very affordable.

Lip Tint Payot Boca Rosa

  • Available colors: Red;
  • Average price: R $ 29.90 *.

The  Lip Tint Mouth Rose has transparent and highly durable texture to leave the lips and cheeks stained and natural throughout the day. 

It has an anatomical applicator that spreads evenly and without staining, in addition to having a sweet fragrance. 

The application is simple: pass the product all over the lip and let it dry. If you prefer, you can build layers and make the color more intense. Already on the cheeks, apply a few drops and spread quickly with the help of fingers, sponge or brush.


  • The applicator is anatomical, does not let the product run; 
  • It spreads evenly;
  • It has an incredible fragrance;
  • It can build layers and make the color more intense; 
  • Can be used as a blush.

Negative points

  • The packaging is made of glass; 
  • It doesn’t last all day.
  • Available colors: it has 6 colors, among pink, red and orange tones. Shades do not have specific names, they are just listed;
  • Average price: R $ 8.90.

Jasmyne’s Lip Tint has 6 color options – from the lightest to the most pigmented – and is a cheap alternative to this type of product. So it is democratic and can please all audiences. 

Its transparent gel texture and gloss applicator make it easy to apply the product on your lips, avoiding that you miss the contour of your mouth. Oh, and it still smells like chewing gum!

It can be used both on the lips, to give a little color in the mouth, and on the cheek, playing the role of blush. 


  • Gel texture that facilitates application;
  • Various color options;
  • Great cost-benefit;
  • Transparent packaging allows you to see the quantity of product.

Negative points

  • It has no long duration;
  • Marks a little imperfections on the lips.

Lip tint Safi Tint Sapphire  

  • Available colors: there are 5 different colors ranging from purple (named florzinha, nº 01), red (amorzinho, nº 02), pink (lindinha, nº 03), orange (sweet, nº 04) and mouth color (caring, nº 05);
  • Average price: R $ 7.90 *.

This lip tint is very easy to apply, since it has an applicator similar to the enamel brush with soft and flexible bristles.

The texture is extremely liquid and absorption is instant. The sensation on the lips is very light and sometimes I even forgot that the product was applied. 

Another point worth mentioning is that the tested color (affection, nº06) looks great on all skin colors. That is, it is a product that anyone can use. 

If I were to change anything, I would change the packaging (which is now square and with a black lid) and make small changes to the label (mainly the font size).  

When I saw it for the first time, inside a store, the product was with the nail polishes. So it took me a while to understand that inside the bottle there was a substance to pass through the mouth and not on the nails.

At the time, I didn’t know what lip tint was and I had to ask the attendant, since the label does not contain any information of this type.  


  • The colors are beautiful and very intense; 
  • The applicator is good and practical;  
  • The price is very affordable; 
  • Can be used as a blush or eyeshadow. 

Negative points: 

  • If used in excess, it can stain your teeth and tongue; 
  • It doesn’t last long; 
  • The smell and taste are too strong; 
  • The packaging can be confused with other products (like enamels). 


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