South Korean cuisine

The Korean cuisine is the traditional food of Koreans in Korea and abroad. The cuisine is varied, from dishes of Korean royalty, to those prepared in inland cities like Seoul , to port cities like Inchon and Busan . Korean cuisine is also consumed in Northeast China (where there is a population of Chosonites). It is a spicy and spicy cuisine that has certain inheritances from Chinese and Japanese cuisine, although with certain peculiarities.


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  • 1 Tradition
  • 2 Typical dishes
  • 3 Other characteristic foods
  • 4 Korean cuisine and health
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Hansik is the traditional food of Koreans. Unlike Western and Chinese foods, the main characteristic is that little meat is used and most of the dishes are made from fermented products, accompanied by rice, which is why it is receiving a great reputation worldwide, for being healthy and good for diet .

The other feature is that the table is filled with main meals and many side dishes to share, except soup and rice , which are personal dishes. This culture of serving the table that Koreans have, clearly represents the characteristic that they have of sharing things.

Typical dishes

In Korean cuisine, it is rice and kimchi made from fermented vegetables. But generally, the table is not usually served with only these two dishes. Korean tables are prepared with a variety of side dishes. Kimchi is a recognized and world famous dish, for being selected as one of the five healthiest in the world.

Other world renowned dishes are: Bibimbap rice with vegetables and meat on top, Galbi roast beef ribs with different vegetables, Bulgogi which means grilled meat, Hanjeongsik traditional Korean food.

Other characteristic foods

Korean cuisine uses dehydrated fish and seaweed, similar to its neighbors, and tofu and other dishes derived from soy are also present on the table. Less known to us is the use of sesame leaves, which are seasoned as a garnish, and a kind of octopus pancakes, fish and other ingredients, similar to our shrimp tortillas. The use of vermicelli noodles made from sweet potatoes or rice is also frequent in many dishes, both cold and hot.

Among the best known dishes of this rich cuisine, in addition to the sauces and dishes that we have been talking about, stand out the bul go gui or grilled meat, which has been previously marinated and cooked at the same table, or the mandu , a kind of dumplings steamed and then au gratin.

Also soups and bibimbaps are very tasty and recommended. As for sweets and desserts, tteok stands out, a dessert made on the basis of a rice flour, which is made steamed or fried.

Korean cuisine and health

It can be said that Korean cuisine is a rural type cuisine, based on simple foods, mostly from the family garden, to which special treatment is given, with sauces and fermented, obtaining dishes full of flavor, very rich in umami.

The Korean population is one of the longest-lived in the world, and there are numerous studies confirming that one of the causes is the quality of its food. Of course, this year we will have the opportunity to try more easily this type of cuisine that aims to achieve similar recognition to our Mediterranean diet.

All in all, Korean cuisine, or hansik, is a very interesting cuisine, which I hope I have helped you learn a little more about, with this brief summary of its main characteristics.


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