Soursop sweet

Soursop sweet . Exquisite Fruit Candy . The soursop or cherimoya is a delicious fruit by itself, full of nutrients , and countless applications in the culinary arts .


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Characteristics of the Soursop

Scientific name: Annona muricata ( Annonaceae ) Features: Fruit Tropical shaped ovoid or Acorazonada with skin colored green and large spines, very rough and thick, but harmless. Generally it is 20 to 25 cm long and has an exquisite aroma. The pulp is White , Meaty , Fibrous , juicy and with a sweet and sour flavor, with many glossy black seeds. It must invariably be consumed ripe.

Like Cherimoya and Annona , it is a delicate fruit that must be transported with care, as it spoils easily. It abounds from October to December , although it can be found in markets almost all year round. Currently it is cultivated throughout the south and southeast of Mexico , in addition to the state of Jalisco . The soursop is native to Mexico and Latin tropical.

In pre-Hispanic times it was known as Ilamatzápotl , from Náhuatl Ilámatl , old woman, and Tzápotl , Zapote , and it was known to be related to the fruits that we know today as Annonáces .

The word guanabana comes from the Taíno language of Haiti , Wanaban . The Náhuatl name was lost when the fruit was renamed by the Spanish, who had already known it in the Caribbean islands before reaching Mexican territory. In almost all the republic it is very liked as fresh fruit, especially in the warm regions; With its pulp fresh water, snow , scrapings, smoothies and even jellies and sweets are prepared . You can also make jams or buns .


  • 1 soursopof about 600 grams
  • 1 ½ cup of sugarrefining 300gr
  • 1 small unit of lemon peel
  • 2 cinnamonsticks
  • ¾ cup of wateror 185ml


Peel the soursop and extract the seeds. Make a syrup to the point of thread with the sugar and water , adding cinnamon stick and lemon rind. Add the syrup to the soursop and stir continuously until it reaches a light caramel point . It will be 6 servings


  • Serve it cold.


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