What is soccer 7 and how to play

t is likely that you will be surprised if we ask ourselves what is 7-a-side football. As its name suggests, everything indicates that it is a variant of traditional football in which 7 players per team participate, right?

If you think like this you are falling into a very common mistake. And it is that although we were already talking about the differences between futsal and indoor soccer that there were games in which the teams were made up of 7 players, the truth is that this sport is called mini-soccer and has some significant differences compared to conventional soccer. Obviously the main one is how the teams are formed, but there are many other differences that make this sport have in common with traditional football rather little.


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  • How to play soccer 7

Football history 7

The history of this sport is practically the same as that of all those who receive the name of soccer, football, soccer or similar. Therefore it can be said that in the origin of football you can find the origin of all these game modes. Then each one adapted to different rules, such as when and in what way you can catch the ball with your hands, the size of the field of play or the times that last.



Why is soccer played with 11 players per team?


Other rules were adapted to create this way of playing. Today it is used to train players in lower categories, so it can be said that it is the little brother of normal football, but not one of its variants.

Soccer Rules 7

Practically everything is regulated in this sport. From the size of the goals to the demarcation that each of the players on the field has. These official rules are recognized by the RFEF and are normally followed by all countries that begin to participate in this game.

Obviously in the number of players there are no doubts. 7 are the ones that can be on the field during the match for each team, one of them always as a goalkeeper. The squad can be formed by up to 12 players and the necessary changes can be made so that everyone participates during the match.

The shoes used to play must have a smooth sole. The use of cleats is not allowed, as the playing field never requires it. The surface on which it is played is artificial grass, both on outdoor fields and on indoor courts.

The size of the field is half that of one in which soccer is played with 11 players . The goal is 6 meters wide by 2 meters high and in children’s matches the width can be 3 meters, keeping the same height.



When we talk about referees, why are their two last names cited?


The referee in football 7

The referee is the boss on the field and ensures that the rules are followed. The cards are the same as those of normal soccer, yellow and red, although if a player is warned there are differences from other soccer styles. When the yellow card is drawn, the player is left without playing for 2 minutes, but another can be substituted. If a red card is taken, the team is left without the player and has to wait 2 minutes to get another on the field, never the one that has been sent off. Fouls accumulate, and when a team has 6 a free throw is thrown.

Another difference between soccer 7 and traditional soccer is that there are no offside players, so the lines can be as far forward as you want.

How to play soccer 7

You can actually host a 7 soccer game on many soccer fields. There are sports centers that are prepared to accommodate this sport, delimiting the dimensions of the field with lines of a specific color to differentiate between a 5-a-side football match or a 7-a-side football match. The goals are placed when playing and are You can start right away.

Two teams of 7 players each put the ball into play and each takes their role. The goalkeeper has to make sure that the goal stays at zero or at least manages to score fewer goals than the rival. The defenders are in charge of preventing the forwards from scoring and everyone has a great time because that is one of the reasons that the sport has.



Information and measurements of the soccer goals


There is a variant that includes an additional player on the field. This is used for official football competitions for teams of children under 12 years old, the future stars of tomorrow who train in this modality to one day become professionals.

What did you know about football 7 before reading this? Have you ever participated in a game?


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