Is smoking marijuana a sin?

The Bible does not say whether smoking marijuana is a sin, but it does say that we should avoid substances that alter our thinking and behavior . Marijuana is not as dangerous as other drugs but it still has adverse effects and can cause harm.

The Bible warns against the dangers of having behavior altered by substances without medical use ( Proverbs 23: 32-35 – this passage talks about getting drunk but the effects are similar to smoking marijuana). It is never a good idea to play with drugs, even “soft” drugs like marijuana.

Smoking marijuana produces a feeling of well-being but it also has other effects:

  • Lack of concentration and coordination– being under the influence of marijuana increases the risk of accidents
  • Fast heart rate– increases the risk of heart attacks while the effect of marijuana lasts
  • Increased appetite– marijuana does not help anyone trying to lose weight

In the long run, the effects of marijuana are varied. Anyone who smokes a cigarette or more of marijuana a day may experience some negative changes in brain functioning. The people who suffer most from these effects are teenagers, pregnant women (affects the baby’s development) and people prone to mental illness.

In some situations, small doses of marijuana can help decrease the symptoms of some serious illnesses. But in these situations it is important to see a doctor. Marijuana is not the only thing that can help these diseases.

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Cannabis addict?

Yes, in some cases marijuana is addictive. The earlier in life a person starts and the more marijuana he or she smokes regularly, the greater the chance of addiction. If you smoke marijuana and want to know if you are addicted, try going a few weeks without smoking. If it is too difficult, you may have a problem. The Bible warns you to stay away from addiction ( 1 Corinthians 6:12 ).

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Is marijuana illegal?

Yes, in Brazil, owning, buying or selling marijuana is illegal. This means that smoking marijuana is not allowed by law and if you are caught with marijuana, you can be punished. The Bible says that we must obey the law ( Romans 13: 1-2 ). The only exception is when a law goes against God’s commandments.

So, can I or cannot I smoke marijuana?

If your country’s law prohibits it, you should not smoke marijuana. Even without a law, smoking marijuana is not recommended . In most situations it does not have as serious effects as other drugs but there is still a chance that it will someday go wrong. If you are addicted to marijuana, seek the help of a pastor and health professional to break free.


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