What does God say about betrayal?

From the beginning, God abhors betrayal , or infidelity. The betrayal began when the first human beings, Adam and Eve, broke their covenant with God, when they listened to the serpent, disobeying a Divine order ( Genesis 3 ).

The betrayal is not following through on a commitment made. In the history of God and man, He has always been faithful to his commitments, even if man is unfaithful. Over time we can see man’s infidelity to God and to each other.

In the Bible the word appears many times, being used in other ways but having the same meaning. It is linked to infidelity, disloyalty and adultery. The Bible also warns us to run away from people who are unfaithful and condemns the practice. Our word must always be kept: our yes must be yes and our no, no ( James 5:12 ).

Betrayal or infidelity can happen between:

  1. God and man– The first known case is that of Adam and Eve; and also throughout history, from Israel against God; humanity against God; of Judas against Jesus – Matthew 27: 4 .
  2. Couples– breaking their commitment to each other, before family, friends and God.
  3. Governments– When government leaders break their agreements, they can cause many problems for the country.
  4. Society– When one of the parties breaks the alliance they made, leading to the loss or ruin of one or both.

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The consequences of betrayal / traitor:

  1. They will be put to shame – Psalm 25: 3.
  2. Punishment– Like the example of the people of Israel, throughout the book of Hosea .
  3. They will be caught upin their own wickedness – Proverbs 11: 6 .

It is necessary to think carefully before making a commitment to someone, as breaking it can severely damage the life of both the traitor and the betrayed person.

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