Is it a sin to have plastic surgery?

No, having plastic surgery is not a sin, but the motivation behind it can be wrong. Each believer must follow his conscience on the subject. Before deciding on having plastic surgery, it is important to analyze your real reasons and the risks of doing it.

Reasons for plastic surgery

The Bible does not talk about having plastic surgery, but it does talk about motivation ( 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20 ). When the motivation is wrong, having plastic surgery is wrong.

Many people have plastic surgery for vanity. This is wrong. Beauty does not last and should not be the center of your life. True beauty comes from within ( Proverbs 31:30 ; 1 Peter 3: 4 ). Your self-esteem cannot depend on the beauty of your body, which wears out.

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It is also not good to have plastic surgery by pressure. Plastic surgery will not solve your problems. It doesn’t matter what other people say. You are the one who will have to live with the consequences of plastic surgery, not the people who pressure you to do it.

But not all motivation to do plastic surgery is wrong. If you have a physical problem that prevents you from having a normal life, it is not wrong to have plastic surgery to repair it. You don’t have to live in suffering. There are other reasons for having plastic surgery that are not wrong, but it is important to consider whether it is appropriate ( 1 Corinthians 10:23 ).

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Consequences of having plastic surgery

Having plastic surgery will have consequences for you. Some consequences are good but others can be bad. Before deciding whether to have plastic surgery, think:

  • I have money? Don’t be in debt because of plastic surgery.
  • It’s safe? Some surgeries are dangerous and can cause health problems. Inform yourself well before deciding whether to do it.
  • What kind of attention will you attract? Will plastic surgery help you lead a normal life or will it attract the wrong attention?

Remember: God loves you as you are. God sees your heart ( 1 Samuel 16: 7 ). You will always have physical defects that you don’t like; no plastic surgery can fix everything. Learn to love yourself as you are and pray to God about whether you should have plastic surgery.


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