Pokémon is the devil?

No, Pokémon is not the devil’s. Pokémon is just a game with an associated television program. Pokémon is neither violent nor promotes satanic rituals. Each believer is free to decide whether to play or watch Pokémon.

What is Pokémon?

Pokémon is a game where people collect animals called pokémons and train them to fight with other players’ pokémons. The Pokémon television series follows the adventures of a trainer named Ash and his Pokémon Pikachu. Ash and his friends find Pokémon, train them to fight and protect the world from evil trainers.

Pokémon is a combination of the words “pocket monsters”, which means ” pocket monsters “. Each pokémon is an invented animal, with some special powers and talents to fight (claws, teeth, power to shoot lightning …). Many of the pokémons are based on real animals , such as Pikachu, which is based on a species of rat (the pika) but releases electric rays.

Over time, each Pokémon “evolves”. When training and fighting, the Pokémon grows and gains new powers and new abilities. This “evolution” is like the maturation of an animal from childhood to adulthood.

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Does Pokémon have Satanic elements?

No, Pokémon has nothing clearly satanic about it. Some Pokémon have strange magical powers, but they are few. The vast majority of Pokémon are harmless. If there are references to hidden practices, they are so small that the vast majority of people do not notice or be influenced.

The television series promotes friendship and the victory of good over evil. Trainers take care of their Pokémon and treat them with affection. Pokémon also does not promote violence. Pokémon fight but do not kill or cause serious injury.

Can a believer play or watch Pokémon?

There is no commandment in the Bible that prohibits the believer from playing or watching Pokémon. Each believer must decide what to do according to his conscience ( Romans 14:22 ).

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Different people will have different reactions to the same thing. For one person, Pokémon can be harmless but for another it can cause problems. If you are uncomfortable with Pokémon, avoid playing or watching. Get well with your conscience. Whether you like Pokémon or not, respect other people’s opinions ( Romans 14: 12-13 ).

If you have kids, it’s a good idea to follow them to see what kind of influence Pokémon has on them. With accompaniment, children can learn some good lessons from the Pokémon. If you are not yet an adult, obey your parents ([[Ephesians but explain your opinion to them.

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