Does sin keep us from God?

Does, sin takes us away from God but Jesus’ love brings us back again. Separation is part of the punishment of sin. But Jesus came to take the punishment and to forgive us. Thus, whoever repents can approach God again.

The Bible says that everyone sinned and was separated from God ( Romans 3:23 ). This is the just punishment for sin. The departure from God brings suffering and condemnation, because all good comes from God. Whoever sins loses the blessing of God’s presence.

But God loves us and wants to bring us closer. He is just but he is not happy with the sentence. So God sent Jesus to pay the penalty for us on the cross. Jesus took all the punishment we deserve! Now, anyone who repents of his mistakes and believes that Jesus is his savior can approach God ( Hebrews 10: 21-22 ).

When a person is converted, union with God is restored. God is no longer removed ( Colossians 1: 21-23 ). It enters the person’s heart, through the Holy Spirit, and is very close.

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Does sin drive away who is saved?

Sin can cause a different departure in those who are already saved. An important characteristic of those who are truly saved is their willingness to stop sinning. The saved love God over all things, that’s why they feel disgust for sin in their lives and want to do God’s will. If a person who says he is saved does not want to stop sinning, he has a problem ( James 1: 22-25 ).

However, even the most firm believer in Jesus commits sins. Nobody is perfect. Only in eternal life will we be completely free from the influence of sin. But that does not mean that with each sin we lose our salvation and become separated from God again.

God is patient and gives us the opportunity to repent and ask for forgiveness. Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus! – Romans 8: 38-39 But sin can take us away from many of God’s blessings and hinder our relationship with Him. God remains righteous and disciplines His children, so that we can learn to live far from sin ( 1 Corinthians 11:32 ).

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Sin still has consequences for the life of the saved. One of these consequences is stagnation in the relationship with God. When we sin, we ignore God and do not hear His voice. God is still present and around but sin can make us “deaf”.


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