What does the Bible say about lust?

Lust is the uncontrolled desire for wrong carnal pleasures. In the Bible, lust is a bad thing, linked to wrong sexual relations. The opposite of lust is self-control.

Lust is the misuse of pleasure. Sexual relationships and pleasure are things that God created for our good, at the right time and within limits. Lust ignores limits and seeks to satisfy intense desires at all costs, without thinking about the consequences.

Lust is the driving force behind all kinds of sexual immorality:

  • Prostitution
  • Adultery
  • Sexual violence
  • Incest

Sin begins in the mind, with desires that get out of control. The strong desire for wrong and distorted things leads to action. The person who allows himself to be controlled by lust has no self-control.

The sad reality is that lust brings no satisfaction. As much as the person gives in to all his desires, it will not come true and he will end up more frustrated, always wanting more. This is because true satisfaction comes from approaching Jesus. It is only possible to truly enjoy the pleasures of life when you enjoy yourself in moderation with a pure heart.

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How to overcome lust?

It is possible to overcome lust! You are not an irrational animal. God created you with the ability to control yourself. To overcome lust:

Ask forgiveness

If you have a problem with lust, confess to God and ask for forgiveness. God always forgives those who repent ( 1 John 1: 9 ). Ask God to change your heart and your desires to be pure. Ask God to give you strength, wisdom and courage to do what it takes to be free from lust.

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Escape from temptation

Yes, the Bible’s advice is to run away! It is not cowardice, it is common sense ( 1 Corinthians 6:18 ). In the same way that you run away from a car on the road to avoid getting hit, you must run away from sexual temptation.

Think about the things that tempt you (magazines, movies, certain places?). Now avoid these things.

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Control your thoughts

The problem starts in the thoughts. So when wrong thoughts come, reject them . You can change the way you think. Resist the thoughts of lust, fight against them and Jesus will help you win ( Romans 12: 2 ; James 4: 7 ).

It is also very important to focus on the things of God . When you fill your mind with good thoughts of God, you leave no room for things like lust. Reflecting on God’s word and trying to apply it to your life, you will see that God will transform your thoughts ( Philippians 4: 8 ).


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