how to show someone you love them without words

Most men and women do not know the best way to show love to a couple. In fact, love should not be expressed only through words, sending flowers or romantic greeting cards.

There are some simple actions that can show the person that he or she really means to you. Here are some things you can do:

– Cooking his favorite food

Find out what her favorite food is and spend some time preparing it. It does not have to be extravagant such as cooking omelet for breakfast or soup with bread. This makes the couple fall in love with you even though your cooking is not perfect. Providing food for couples can also make the relationship stronger as there are many things to talk about when dining.

-Always give praise

Praise is a sincere expression of one’s goodness. Of course everyone is welcome. Especially if the compliment came from his partner. Make sure compliments are in your heart, never lie or sincerely praise. She will appreciate what she says honestly.

– Cherish your partner

Respect what your spouse does. For example by saying thank you for what you are doing or saying words that can appease your spouse.

-So surprise

Give a surprise that is not easy to forget, for example by having her birthday party attended by family and friends. You can also surprise the person by surprise by preparing a romantic dinner or handing out gifts for the couple. Gifts don’t have to be given on birthdays. It can be done at any time. This surprise will surely be remembered forever.

– Be honest with your partner

If you don’t want your partner to lie, you should be honest with him. However, most couples do not want to talk about it. You can ask the couple to write in the paper about your shortcomings, and vice versa.

– Express your feelings directly

Most couples do not like to express themselves rather than choosing social media such as email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter as intermediaries. It’s best if you speak in front of her as this will make her appreciate it more.

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