Social function of food

Social function of meals. The meals have their social function and are organized with different objectives, such as: the reception, the cocktail , the business lunch, the business breakfast, the wine of honor, the buffet lunch, the birthday celebration, weddings and anniversaries of weddings; attention to visits, religious dinners, meals of honor and courtesy.


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  • 1 The reception
  • 2 The cocktail
  • 3 Wine of honor
  • 4 Working breakfast
  • 5 Business lunch
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  • 7 The food – Buffet
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The reception

It is possible to organize it on the occasion of the significant anniversary of an entity, visit of an important delegation or a relevant event, either national or international, with a high number of guests. It can be in the early hours of the night, although in special circumstances also at noon. It generally lasts for two hours. The hosts will receive their guests at the front door for twenty-five minutes, depending on the number of them. If there is one of honor, you can receive with the host.

The buffet will start serving after thirty or forty minutes from the start of the event. The first to serve will be the hosts, with the guests of honor or of higher rank.

The cocktail

It is very similar to the reception, but with a smaller number of guests and with an informal character. It can be offered on the occasion of the signing of the agreement, visit of a delegation, anniversary of the entity, generally in the late afternoon. The number of dishes to serve is less than the reception, it can be through the service of a group of waiters who circulate with trays among the guests.

Wine of honor

It consists of a toast in the midday hours, with a duration ranging from one hour and an hour and a half. The number of guests should not be very large. Champagne or sparkling wine and some sandwiches are served with tray service passed by waiters. It is offered in honor of a visitor of a certain level or for some special event.

Working breakfast

It is very fashionable. It is characterized by its simplicity and informal character. It is frequent after nine. One or more people with whom you need to talk about a certain topic or for a work section are invited. You must choose the right place. Foods are served that may vary according to the customs of the country.

Business lunch

As with the business breakfast, the business lunch is quite frequent. Sometimes it decisively influences the achievement of a goal. Hence, when an invitation is made, one must be very careful, as it is a test that the host submits to. The choice of place is equally important. If it is a restaurant, it must be of proven quality, not too far apart to avoid loss of time in the transfer. If possible, the host will know the culinary preferences of her guests, she will know about the specialties served in that place, the cooking time of a certain dish … by recommending a specialty, she will avoid those that are complicated to prepare and.

If the appointment is in the restaurant, the host must arrive fifteen minutes early and ensure that everything is in order, as well as wait for his guests near the door and lead them, if they wish, to the bar or directly to the table.

At such a luncheon the main conversation, of course, should be about business. Avoid the one that can lead them to useless discussions, which would ruin the objective. It is convenient to start with general topics and wait for the right moment to introduce the proposals, it can be between dishes, while you wait for dessert or have coffee.

The ideas will be expressed precisely and clearly, so that the projects can be understood immediately. The host must be very discreet to pay the bill. If it is delivered to the same table, do not rush to see it, take a few minutes before opening it discreetly and very calmly, without interrupting the conversation. Do not examine it in detail. The guests will continue talking without paying attention to when they are paying. Do not extend the desktop longer than necessary; Also, don’t pressure your guests to get a response to their proposals. Remember that you are with people who are analyzing it, so you must maintain appropriate behavior at the table and absolute control over yourself.


It is also offered very frequently. It pursues the same purposes as breakfast and lunch: to facilitate the strengthening of relationships, the exchange of opinions and information, and to help create a favorable environment for the achievement of objectives. It is official when it is offered in honor of one or several people, and informal if there are no guests of honor.

The food – Buffet

Among the informal meals is the buffet lunch, which does not require any type of ceremony; It allows the participation of a larger number of guests, who generally eat standing up, or if space allows, tables with chairs for four or six people can be placed. Each guest is served directly from the buffet, which will be placed on a large table or distributed over two tables, if the guests are numerous, in order to avoid crowding.

The food-buffet requires careful preparation, good taste in the selection of the menu, more varied than in a meal of another type, and in the presentation of the dishes.

This food has become very popular, it can even be made more formal by applying certain details of the official or informal food, such as a main table where the hosts would be seated with the guests of honor and those of higher rank, and the rest in others for four or six people.

Both at receptions and at meals, we must be careful. When serving, it should be done in moderation and respecting the rules of good education.


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