Show, hide and customize the home button in Google Chrome

If you wonder how to show, hide and customize the home button in Google Chrome , then you should read the following guide where we will teach you the whole process.

What is the Home button in Google Chrome?

The Home button also known as the Google Chrome home button has a function that, although simple, can be very useful. By clicking on this button, a new tab will be loaded in the current window. In any case, a setting can also be made to change the way the button operates.

If instead you want the Home button to go to a page that you use constantly, the application also allows you to make this configuration. Therefore, below, we will show you how to show, hide and customize the Home button of this browser.

In any case, before starting, keep in mind that the operation of this button is very basic, therefore, if you are looking for something more interesting, there are some very useful extensions for Google Chrome that can be beneficial . But if you’re just looking to change the home page, keep reading.

Show, hide and customize the home button in Google Chrome

The process to show and hide the Google Chrome Home button is very simple, in the same way the rest of the settings are basic and easy to follow. Read the following guide to learn how to perform these simple processes.

Process to hide the Home button in Google Chrome

The process to remove the Home button also known as the “Home Button” is very simple. In fact, it is one of the basic settings in the Chrome browser settings.

The first thing you should do is open the Chrome browser and go to the configuration options , which are accessed by pressing on the three vertical points located above and to the right.

The various browser options will be displayed, among which are to enable or disable Chrome plugins or extensions , but in this case you must go to “Settings”. Once in configuration, press on the three lines located above and to the left. Another menu will be displayed, in this case you must click on “Appearance”.

Among all the options present, locate the one named “Show the main page button” . Make sure that the option is deactivated, after making this configuration the Home button will stop showing while you are using the browser.

Change the address the Google Chrome Home button directs you to

It is also possible to configure the Home button so that pressing it directs you to a particular page . This can be very useful in case you want to change the home page of the browser.

In the same way, you can change the default search engine that is shown when clicking on Home, but in this case, you should consider placing the bookmarks on the side of Chrome , to improve the general appearance of the browser. Let’s continue with this guide to modify the Home button of Google Chrome.

It will be necessary to go to the configuration options, for this, press on the three vertical points located above and to the right of the browser. Now go to the “Settings” section.

Here, in the upper left part you will see three horizontal lines, click on them and click on the “Appearance” section . To configure the home button or Chrome Home, it will be necessary to activate it.

Once you have deactivated it, two options will be shown, the first one called “New tab page” will cause a new tab to open, press the button. On the other hand, the second option will allow you to select a specific web address that will appear when clicking on the Home button.

To change the action and the website, click on that option and write the link to which you want to direct. That’s how easy it is to configure the home button of the Google Chrome browser.

Be careful, keep in mind that this is not the same as changing the Chrome search engine , since what is shown before only intervenes with the browser’s start button.


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