How to activate Assistive Touch Home button on iPhone

If you want to know how to activate or deactivate the Asisstive Touch home button on iphone 11, iphone 11 Pro and iphone 11 Pro Max this article is for you. Not only will we tell you how to access this tool on your mobile screen or how to remove it, but you will also learn the many uses that you can give this useful and unique tool on your iPhone.

How to Activate or Deactivate the Assistive Touch Home Button on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

In this digital age full of innovation and new technological advances that, thinking about our needs, comforts and preferences, make our lives easier and more dynamic, tools have emerged that even allow us to extend the useful life of our mobile devices, one of those valuable tools is the Assistive Touch.

One of the main and most cumbersome problems that force, even if we do not want it, to have to replace the smart device, often generating an expense not foreseen in our budget is the failure or total damage to the physical buttons of our iphone, which that makes it impossible to function properly and use it correctly.

It is for reasons already stated above that for some years the Apple company has designed a resource that allows us to replace the physical buttons of our mobile phone with digital and improved buttons that we can adapt to our needs and tastes.

Extending the life of our iphone and, therefore, saving us an expense in our economy. In short, there are many possibilities and advantages that this well-thought-out tool offers you.

To activate the Assistive Touch Home button on your iphone 11, iphone 11 Pro or iphone 11 Pro Max and enjoy its valuable benefits, follow the steps below and enjoy the experience that will provide you with comfort and durability to your device . It should be noted that this button can be activated regardless of whether the home button on your iPhone does not work .

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  1. Steps to deactivate the Assistive Touch function from the settings
  2. How to disable Assistive Touch using Siri
  3. Can Assistive Touch be enabled and disabled from the control center?
  4. Uses and advantages of Assistive Touch

Steps to deactivate the Assistive Touch function from the settings


Mainly to activate or deactivate the Assistive Touch function , all you have to do first is go to configuration or settings, then go down and enter ‘general’ then scroll down and look for where it says accessibility then select the option where the word ‘ Assistive Touch ‘ and when you click you will activate the green bar and if you want to deactivate it, click the bar again and that’s it.

To understand it in more detail in case of doubts, on the main screen go to the “Settings” icon and enter, then select ” Accessibility ” in the list of options and, going down the screen, then press “Touch”, you will see immediately the “Assistive Touch” option is where you can activate or deactivate this tool.

When you activate it you will immediately notice that the ” Home ” button will appear on your screen to assist you, by pressing it you will see that from there you can access notifications and Siri, for example, in addition to having the option “Customize” to create your own shortcuts, according to be your needs and requirements.

How to disable Assistive Touch using Siri

If you are very fond of Siri, you can also ask Siri to enable or disable Assistive Touch for you , since you will simply have to press and hold the side power button or the home button, or you can also say “Hello Siri” so that Siri appears . Now, say the command ‘Activate Assistive Touch’ or in the same way but deactivate.

With a clear and well-articulated voice, tell Siri that you want to activate the Assistive Touch, once you have understood it, you will notice that the option to activate will appear on the screen and, automatically, Siri will show you its activation and then the desired Home button will appear; to deactivate it we carry out the same procedure. If you want to deactivate Siri it will do you good to read this article.

Can Assistive Touch be enabled and disabled from the control center?

So it can be turned on or off that way, as “ Assistive Touch ” can also be added to the accessibility shortcut for quick access from the control center or you can use the side button or the home button.

Uses and advantages of Assistive Touch

The uses that we can give to this valuable resource are very diverse, ranging from very simple functions such as adjusting the volume, locking the screen and restarting the device, to slightly more complex functions such as “Read screen aloud” or open “Spotlight” .

One of the most outstanding advantages of this tool is to enter functions such as taking a screenshot or calling Siri, which, not having Assistive Touch activated, we could only access by moving the device or pressing the physical buttons of the iPhone.

To customize the Assistive Touch Home button menu and change the number, order and content of the buttons, go to “Settings” , select “Accessibility” , press “touch” and then “Assistive Touch” , choose “customize menu” and Finally, choose an icon to replace it with the one of your preference, you can also determine how many icons you want to remove or add.

It is also important to indicate that the Home button can be dragged at your convenience and comfort to any place on the screen and moved again as many times as you want so that it does not hinder or hinder your activities on the mobile device.

It should be noted that, when you press the Home button of Assistive Touch on your iphone, by default the corresponding menu will open, in the same way, when pressing outside the menu, anywhere on the screen, it will close.


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