What Is Second Language Acquisition And What Does It Do

Second Language Acquisition is a process or stages to acquire and learn a new language after mastering the first language or mother tongue with a specific purpose in order to master a second language.

God Has granted human being the ability to speak.The language is acquired, inherited and cultivated over time. Everyone uses language as a communication tool and to interact with each other. Since birth man has had the ability to learn the language. It is seen that the human being does not require much effort to be able to speak. People who pronounce the language every day, they know how to speak and use the language.

Indeed many researchers believe that the language proficiency of children does not need any reinforcement. Mother tongue language can be acquired with social context.

Understanding Second Language Acquisition:

Before understanding the sense of acquiring a second language, we must understand the meaning of the term language acquisition.

There is some universal concepts about language acquisition are:

According to Wikipedia:

Language acquisition is the ability to store, produce, and use words for understanding and communication. This capacity involves a wide range of capabilities such as syntax, phonetics, vocabulary and wide. Language acquisition usually refers to first language acquisition which examines the acquisition of children to their mother tongue.

What IS Second Language Acquisition, Facts You Must Know

When it has been viewed from the process and the development of a second language, there are two ways are described:The first way is the development of a second language where acquisition is a process which focuses the way children develop skills in their first language. This result of language competence is acquired unconsciously. This is naturally phenomena.

The second way in the development of a second language is to learn the language, which refers to the conscious knowledge of the second language. This process start “know the rules first, be aware of the rules that are publicly known to grammar.

The characteristics of second language acquisition:

  • The material depends on the criteria determined by the teacher,
  • Strategy adopted by a teacher is also in accordance with what is considered the most suitable for their students.
  • Presenting the materials and methods used in studying foreign language will be successful for students.
  • Study Acquiring a Second Language is used as the fundamental theory for language teachers.
  • The theory contained in PB2 is used to find the effectiveness of learning.
  • In this case, educators can create innovative teaching strategies.
  • One example is a learning innovations foreign language called Total Physical Response (TPR), which was created by Asher (1996).
  • This technique is believed to improve the process of internalization vocabulary into the minds of the students.
  • The method TPR has been recommended to all parts of American Indians and Alaska to introduce regional language in children.
  • It’s just that this technique is effective only for the mastery of vocabulary.


The second language is the language learned by a child after receiving and studying languages ​​taught by her mother (not the mother tongue). In another sense, a second language is a language derived from the environment outside the home, such as neighborhood schools, playgrounds, and social environments. Aspects of Learning a Second Language are: language skills, age, and motivational strategies used.

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