Linguistics And Other Sciences Facts You Must Know

Linguistics And other sciences is very hot topic.Linguistics is closely related to many other sciences. It studies the most general laws of nature, society and thought.It also study that sciences of human society and human culture.such as sociology, history, ethnography, archeology.Since the language is directly linked to human consciousness, thinking and brain behaviour.,linguistics has a close relationship with the logic and psychology.According to Anthropologists:The study of the origin of problems has been  carried out in contact linguistics with anthropology.

Linguistics is the building block of  literature, poetics and folklore. It merge them literature into comprehensive discipline where  philology studies the language, literature and culture of the people in their relationships.

Linguistics And Other Sciences have Natural Relationship

our speech is embodied in the sounds. we study the sound system which is  associated with the acoustics. The branch of physics studying the sound, as well as anatomy and physiology of the speech sound formation in the human body.

For, solving various applied problems, linguistics interacts with pedagogy and methodology. There is ongoing research in  mathematical logic, statistics.

Broadly speaking, In linguistics sound, structure, meaning and function are studied.This analysis is done to determine the language. Such studies related to individual actions is called linguists. All aspects of language-the language of scientists, and is interested in all the languages ​​of the world, but it is not necessary that he be polyglot.

Linguists are trained in the techniques of translation, in the public and private sectors.

 Finally, solving various applied problems, linguistics interacts with pedagogy and methodology.In recent decades, as a result of interaction between linguistics and other sciences there are new scientific discipline at the intersection of the traditional areas of knowledge – sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, computational linguistics, and others.

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