Seafood gastronomy

Seafood gastronomy. A shellfish or sea fruit is, in gastronomy, an edible invertebrate marine animal. Crustaceans ( shrimp , prawns , crabs , barnacles , etc.), molluscs ( mussels , clams , cockles , squid , etc.) and other marine animals such as some echinoderms ( sea ​​urchin ) and some urocordates are normally included in this definition. ( piure ).


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From the earliest times, seafood has been part of the gastronomic culture of humanity , since it is an important source of proteins and minerals; They are also easy to capture because of its lack of speed and power, except for crabs and crabs , they are invincible. It is common to see the baskets with which shellfish are caught in rivers and lakes. The ancient Egyptians took raw or cooked seafood, as can be seen in some hieroglyphs. The Jews refrain from trying any variety of mollusk due to the rule that the kashrut establishes.

Gastronomy of Belgium

Belgium is one of the most reputable European countries in seafood consumption, despite its similarity to French cuisine it is not as well known. A well-known dish is steamed mussels (very typical in Brussels ).

Spanish gastronomy

In Spanish gastronomy it is common to find seafood in the communities of Galicia , Andalusia , Asturias and Cantabria , although it is not to be neglected other coastal areas such as: Valencia , Catalonia and Mallorca . The phrase that mentions the months in which shellfish should be eaten is famous, which are all those that contain the letter (R), because the fruit comes out better developed, with better texture, color and flavor, being very typical to cook them at steam with bay leaf and clove spices , garnished with garlic , parsley and lemon, accompanied with white wine . In Spain there are several canneries dealing with seafood, an example is the mussel of Galicia .

Seafood season

In Spain, the consumption of shellfish is important and it can be said that it is made in both the north and the south, and it is also tasted in dishes throughout the year, which is why it is convenient to know the species by season.

Gastronomy of Portugal

The fish and shellfish are the main delights of Portuguese cuisine. The soup is one of its main dishes and, presumably, it makes a seafood soup.

Gastronomy of Peru

Peruvian cuisine, especially the coastal one, has seafood as the main material of many of its dishes, among the most outstanding are rice with seafood, jelly, shrimp suck, choro broth, arroz con choros, conchitas a Parmesan, choritos a la chalaca, ceviche with black shells, ceviche with seafood, pork rinds , among others.

Gastronomy of Argentina

Seafood is served in Argentine cuisine, especially in the Patagonia region , where they usually take all kinds of varieties from the area. The empanada it contains is known.

Gastronomy of Cuba

On the platform of the Island of Cuba, the Pink American Lobster and different varieties of small shrimp, in addition to crabs , abound . Lobster is recognized internationally, which is usually prepared in sauce, as are shrimp cocktails .

Gastronomy of mexico

One of the coarsest countries in its gastronomy offers the most delicious seafood among which are shrimp and octopus , and they are considered the best for preparing a cocktail, in Baja California it is customary to eat fish in tacos or quesadillas with corn tortilla with shrimp. In addition to the famous “little fish” that are strips of fish with a “special” breading that could be said to vary depending on the regions in which it is prepared. In short, its gastronomy is very varied in terms of Fish and Seafood as previously mentioned.

Gastronomy of El Salvador

They are very popular, especially in the coastal areas of the country. In the country, many dishes are prepared with seafood, such as wrapped fish , which consists of sun- dried fish which is covered with egg ; the fish filling, shell cocktail , shrimp, mixed; seafood soup, which contains fish , shrimp, lobster , mussels , octopus (rarely) and crab (species of crab ), these tasty dishes are usually found in the dining rooms of the coastal areas of the country, the coastal areas most popular in the country are:La Libertad , La union , the Gulf of Fonseca, Roca Sunzal.

Gastronomy of Venezuela

They are very popular mainly in the coastal areas and the east of the country. Very diverse dishes can be prepared with assorted seafood, which carry very peculiar names, namely: it comes back to life, it breaks a mattress, it springs, etc. These names were given to them due to the fact that shellfish are said to have aphrodisiac properties.

Gastronomy Japan

In Japan , as an island nation, in addition to fish and seaweed, many shellfish are consumed, including octopus , squid , crabs , lobsters and shrimp. Being famous dishes with seafood , tempura (scrambled vegetables, fried seafood and meat), kamameshi that contains rice covered in vegetables and chicken or seafood and then baked in individual bowls, sushi that in addition to fish, is also made of seafood. Processed seafood is also commonly eaten: chikuwa, niboshi, dried cuttlefish, kamaboko, satsuma-age


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