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Relationship between school and community is very important.School is to be organized from the point of view of community.Hence the word community means to serve together.

Independence of School and Community

There is always a close relationship between the school and the community. Both the school and community are mutually interdependent. School e because of community. The community has certain aims and objectives and these are to be realized. These realized through the schools. The interaction between school and the community is always going on.

School should not work in isolation

Now it is universally realized that the school s not work in isolation from the social life. After all, s are opened by the community to fulfill its needs, community has certain expectations from the sch fixes certain aims and objectives, which school realise. The school is an agency of social change.

Education is a continuous process which takes everywhere, at all times. The child receives val educative experiences both in the school and outside. Thus,there is a great need that the school and community s work in close coordination for the education of children. The starting point of educational reform must be refining of the school to life and the restoring of intimate relationship between them which has broken the development of the formal tradition of education.

Why There Is Interdependence of Relationship Between School and Community?

Why should school and community relationship strengthened?

Increasing Problems

The problems of school are increasing e.g. the n of students is increasing, in discipline is increasing. To solve these problems, it is a must to strengthen the of school and community.

Realization of Educational Objectives

If we want to achieve the objectives of education in i&d help our’ people in their all round is essential to strengthen school community relationship.

Maximum Development/Social Progress

It is clear that to achieve this the relationship is to be strengthened.

School is an Integral Part of Community

School is an integral part of the community. Methods and curriculum are in accordance with the community. The school is connected with n causes of community.If we continue present practice of working in the  isolated compartments, the school not enriching Community’ the Community not supporting the school, not only will it defeat our educational objectives but also whatever education we provide, will be stale and anemic.

How school influences Community?

Influence of the school on the community can be summed up as under;

  • Problems of community can be solved by the school.
  • Culture of the community is modified by school
  • Industrial and vocational progress is influenced  by the school.
  • Standards of living of community are reflect school and school in turn tries to raise the standard of living of the community.
  • School influences the general environment of community.
  • School reflects policy of the state.

How Community influences School?

  • Needs of community are reflected in the school
  • Culture of the community is learnt by students in the school.
  • Values and evils of the community are reflected there.
  • Standard of life of community is reflected there
  • Policies are reflected in the schools.

School Community cooperation is really something more basic than the parent teacher or student community relationship.If there is no living, dynamic relationship between the two, education will be, unreal, to make abiding impact on the mind and character of children.So, unless right points of contact are established between the two, education would remain ineffective and artificial, incapable of being utilized as an instrumental social progress.

Strengthening Interdependence of the School and the Community

The following are the suggested steps for strengthening of the school and the community.

  • Decentralize education. Let the right people from community be inducted into the fold of the authorities, school should have a local advisory constituting the notable persons of the They should be advised not to interfere, le from the community to the school important functions are held.
  • Parents Day’ function should be organized every lii the school. On such occasions parents be asked to speak on topics concerning the welfare of school.
  • Parent Teacher Association is a vital instrument for .g the relationship between the school community.
  • School building should be thrown open to the ? on important social functions, education classes should be started in the hours.
  • School library can be a place of immense attraction community. It can be used in the evening hours by members of the community.
  • Occasionally, functions include film shows, dramas, t show, child car shows etc. The community  stands much benefited from these functions.
  • Community is always keenly interested in physical standards of its members. The can organize community games to have members involved in their physical effect Matches between the members of the _ staff and those of the community may organize.
  • The school must run a vocational guidance service for the prospective members of The vocational bureau should fix hours and the needed information sh given to those who want it.
  • Exhibitions may be arranged in the school special occasions. For example, 9 exhibitions may be arranged in the school other schools may also be invited to pa: There can be display of interesting and experiments from which the community draw benefit.

What we should like to see is a two-way that the problems that arise in the home and co life and the realistic experiences gained should be brought into school so that education may be them and be intimately connected with real life, the other hand , the new knowledge, skills, attitudes values acquired in the school should be carried is home life to solve its problems, to raise standards link up the teachers, parents and children in one compact and naturally helpful group.

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