Scamorza cheese

The Scamorza . The cheese Italian snowman snow made with milk from cow popular in Italy but also in some specialized stores in Spain .


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La Scamorza is a fresh cheese typical of Italian cuisine. It can be made from other animal milks , but it is less common. It is a cheese very similar to mozzarella, it is a cheese for cooking with better properties than mozzarella. It can also be used as a substitute in most dishes . The scamorza arise from the fermentation of the curd and then a process is carried out in which the curd is spun in hot water , which confers a fibrous structure and with the characteristic melting and elastic properties. It has its origin in the Italian region of Abruzzo and is first documented around 1600. The name derives from the local dialect, in which scamorzare means to tie the headIn other words, the way the cheeses were hung to ripen, very similar to that of Caciocavallo cheese.


It is a cheese with a peculiar shape of spun pasta similar to Provolone, it has a fibrous and rubbery texture, drier than Mozzarella, its flavor is soft, somewhat salty, almost imperceptible and vaguely lactic. When cut, it is fluffy, soft and somewhat greasy.


Approximately Weight / Piece approx. 280 gr.

Scamorza cheese salads


The scamorza is made from milk from cows , specifically from the curd, cook 42º and leave acidify to a temperature between 40 and 42 degrees, to achieve a mass a little more consistent. During this time, the bacteria in the culture will begin to reproduce, slowly increasing the degree of acidity of the milk, the dough will also slowly drain and turning every hour will maintain a uniform degree of transformation. A dough spins when it reaches the right degree of acidity, if there is no acidification process, or if it has not finished, there is no spinning. The curd undergoes a process of heating in water., cut and make together with more water until it finally ends in cold water to settle the mixture. Finally, each cheese (which has come out of a much larger piece) is tied with a rope by “the neck ” and left to dry hanging in the air . Consume it within the first three days after its manufacture.


  • Potatoomelette with [[cheese [[scamorza accompanied with Iberian ham .
  • Morsels of eggplantwith scamorza

Culinary uses

Normally this cheese is used raw, as a typical cheese for a table, in pasta sauces , cooked fried and in salads , it is usually also used in luxury places as a substitute for mozzarella and although its flavor is similar (at times it seems that it tastes nothing, then a huge flavor assaults you) it seems that its properties improve mozzarella, at the table , scamorza can be good in pizzas, bruschettas, calzones, focaccia, pasta dishes and even salads , in addition to grilled , it is served with ham , mushrooms or vegetables roasts in short is a cheese that can be used practically for everything.


It combines very well with soft red wine (Trebbiano)


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