Saudi Arabian cuisine

Saudi gastronomy we must know that the importation and consumption of alcohol are strictly prohibited by the Koran Law .

Fruit juices and water are drunk. The tea is perfumed with different herbs, it is drunk all day and it is delicious, it is also drunk coffee. The “Saudi champagne” is an apple juice with carbonated mineral water.

Arab cuisine can easily be seen to be a balanced mix of Mediterranean gastronomic characteristics and Indian cuisine in the use of spices.


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plate of faláfel

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The plate

Most consumed is the lamb, and it is usually accompanied by aromatic herbs or vegetables. The first course, usually the main characters are soups and purees. As an accompanying drink it is usually a fruit juice or simply water, while at the end of the main dish or at family gatherings it is usually drunk.

Other Dishes

Some typical dishes from Saudi Arabia are shikamba (creamy lamb meatball soup); vegetable and fruit salad made with apples, dates, walnuts, lettuce, mayonnaise, yogurt and lemon juice; kofta (made with spinach, minced meat, rice, spices, tomato and onion sauce; onions stuffed with meat and rice.

  • Many spices such as cumin, coriander and cinnamon are used in Saudi Arabian cuisine.
  • A typical dessert is halva, a sweet pastry filled with dates and dried apricots or chopped nuts.


By prohibitions of the Koran , the consumption of pork as well as the drink of any liquid that contains alcohol is prohibited regardless of the religion to which it is associated and this law is strictly applied throughout the country.

plate of faláfel


One of the most typical dishes of Saudi Arabia , are the faláfel, which are croquettes made with beans and chickpeas. The traditional bread widely used in almost all Muslim gastronomies called Khubz, is made of flour, water, salt, sugar and yeast, and serves as an accompaniment to the main meals of the day. As for desserts, the most consumed are yogurts and coffees, which are usually taken decaf and drunk at a very high temperature.


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